Colors Top 3 Parineetii Junooniyatt AgniSakshi

Colors Top 3 Parineetii Junooniyatt AgniSakshi

Colors Top 3 Parineetii Junooniyatt Agni Sakshi. Jordan creates a scene at the site when Dolly requests the priest to bless Jahaan and Ilahi and conduct their wedding. Afterward, they wisely send him away. When Jordan updates her about the two not sleeping in the same room, Jahaan goes back home and deals with it adeptly. Ilahi informs Jahaan that the priest has returned, and they are due to get married. The wedding rituals will take place as scheduled, but unfortunately Jordan arrives with the police in an attempt to halt proceedings.



Suganya reprimands Jeevika for her mistreatment of Satvik and advises her about the latter’s love. When Jeevika hears of Satvik’s conversation with Utkarsh, she experiences remorse and requests him to let her put on the nuptial chain. In reaction, Satvik scolds Juhi for deceiving Jeevika. Satvik discovers that Jeevika is feigning amnesia. He inquires of her the motivation for her charade, but she declines to divulge it. Jeevika is thankful to Utkarsh for coming to her rescue. She then reveals to Satvik that she wasn’t the one who fell off the cliff – it was someone else who did it. Jeevika was livid upon spotting Satvik and his client together. She angrily pointed out that the man was her husband. She then reprimanded him for allowing the client to make advances at him.


Sanju spends quality time with Parineet, who assures him that she won’t be leaving today. Upon seeing them so close together, Neeti starts seething in anger as she gets hurt. Parminder wishes Sanju and Parineet to stay together, while Bebe urges her to do something that would make Parineet lose faith in everyone’s hearts. To achieve her goal, Neeti makes Parminder fall and wrongfully frames it on Parineet. Moreover, she even sows the seeds of doubt in Sanju’s mind against his beloved Parineet. Neeti stops Pari from carrying out the ritual and questions how far she is willing to go. She insists that it’s her due right and then notices Krishna’s idol about to fall. Instinctively, she catches it. Neeti proclaims that she won’t depart until Pari comprehends her error.


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