Kathaa Ankahee Best Scene 13th September 2023

Kathaa Ankahee Best Scene 13th September 2023

Kathaa Ankahee Best Scene 13th September 2023. Viaan brings Katha to a spot and encourages her to express what she is feeling, with the wind carrying her wishes up to the sky. Katha initially refuses but Viaan speaks softly, asking her to feel the breeze as she closes her eyes and speaks her desire aloud. She complies, wishing all that Viaan desired would keep him content and safe. With an understanding smile, he tells Katha he hopes she will get what she wishes for. They both wish the best for each other. Ehsan can’t fathom why Maya is trying to examine Katha-Viaan’s bond in the past. He is astonished when he reviews all that took place between Katha and Viaan, as this may signify that Viaan gave one crore to Katha as payback for an error he made. He quickly contacts Viaan and wonders if the latter has taken cash from the firm’s account to help Katha.

To Ehsan’s amazement, Viaan is stunned by his inquiry. Katha notices Viaan is on the wrong path and he acts anxious and strange. When she questions him, Viaan reveals his fear of her leaving him. This confuses Katha even more, and she tries to reassure him. He tells her about Ehsan asking something that surprises her. Nevertheless, he vows to protect her no matter what in exchange for her staying by his side, and Katha calms him down, urging him to let go of his guilt before embracing him. Viaan feels relieved by Katha’s assurance.


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