Rabb Se Hai Dua Radha Mohan 13th September 2023

Rabb Se Hai Dua Radha Mohan 13th September 2023

Rabb Se Hai Dua Radha Mohan 13th September 2023. Dua returns with Dadi, and Haider is taken aback to hear of Ruhan’s scheduled attempt on his life. He realizes the situation is serious, so he decides that his only option is to lie to Dua for her protection and send her away. Gazal then calls for their separation. In a fit of rage, Dua strikes Gazal and tells her that she has no right to stop her. Handing the house documents over to Haider, Dua makes it known that their relationship is done and dusted; however, she entreats him not to vacate the house, for it is rightfully his.

Ultimately, Dua decides to take her leave. Haider prevents Dua from leaving when Hina and Gulnaaz urge him to let her go. Rahat’s hostility towards her is evident, and she accepts the challenge of exposing Gazal within a month. She states that this is her way of making them understand that she can be devious too. If unsuccessful, Dua threatens to depart; Rahat insists on it, yet Haider continues to stop her this time as well.


Radha Mohan:

Mohan accompanies Shiv to the meeting with Shakti. Manorama voices her concerns about the troubles they have faced due to Shiv’s presence, urging him to leave. But Mohan reassures her by lying that he and Shiv went to college together. Tulsi looks puzzled at this statement and Manorama inquires as to whether he is a doctor. Mohan reveals that his heart condition restricted him from such a career and so he chose law instead. Shakti advises Radha that Mohan has been fabricating stories. She explains that Mohan did it for Shiv’s sake, but when the latter receives his aunt’s video call, Radha accidentally bumps into him and his phone ends up on the floor. She quickly retrieves the device and hands it to him, to which he reacts with gratitude before departing.


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