Udaariyaan Upcoming Alia reaches Armaan’s wedding

Udaariyaan Upcoming Alia reaches Armaan's wedding

Udaariyaan Upcoming Alia reaches Armaan’s wedding. Aasma and Armaan are summoned to stand for the round, yet Aasma remains shy due to her damaged blouse. Knowing this, Armaan shelters her with gathbandhan cloth, then politely informs the family that he wishes to converse privately before the ritual commences. He waits for her outside while asking her to fix her attire and finds a pin to bolster it up. Finally, after some difficulty, Alia manages to break away from the place of captivity of Sukhi. She runs to reach Armaan and stop the wedding.

Aasma finds herself in need of assistance as Armaan spots her struggling with a stapler to pin her blouse. Grateful for the help, Aasma inquires if he wants to make her aware of it. Both families become tense about Armaan and Aasma’s delayed arrival. Upon learning of Alia’s escaping, Sukhi urges his brother to complete the nuptial rounds at once. Armaan and Aasma commence the ritual, with the latter deciding to uphold the alliance between the two households and back Armaan in their marriage. Alia races to the ceremony venue. Sukhi greets her at the entrance and sends his assistant away with her. She manages to flee away. On entering the wedding hall, Alia looks at Armaan and Aasma. Will Sukhi allow Alia to interfere in Armaan’s nuptials? Keep watching for more thrilling moments ahead.


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