Pandya Store Keh Doon Tumhein Titli Spoilers

Pandya Store Keh Doon Tumhein Titli Spoilers

Pandya Store Keh Doon Tumhein Titli Spoilers. Keh Doon Tumhein: Vikrant finds the thief. Vikrant returns home. Catching the sight of footsteps, Vikrant surveys his house with a bat in hand and discovers that the box containing the hair samples is missing. He goes to the CCTV camera and sees that it was the carpenter who had purloined the box and necklace. With urgency, Vikrant realizes he must try to locate them. Vikrant inspects the man’s residence and procures the chain. However, he fails to locate the box after a thorough investigation. Vikrant tries hard to control his feelings growing for Kirti. He has in mind that he has to kill her before she reaches the truth of Anjali’s murder, but falls helpless to his heart.

Titli: Garv injures Titli in anger:


Dhrishti enters Sandy’s room, and she is awed by the pictures of her on his laptop. She expresses gratitude to Titli for the suggestion, one that would prevent Sandy from utilizing any form of blackmail against her. In comes Sandy, attempting to stop her from deleting them, yanking her hairpiece off in the process. Garv then wreaks havoc in the office and orders Devraj to have his son get on the line immediately. Titli insists on helping Garv, but she infuriates him. Titli protests but he doesn’t listen and pushes her away. Unfortunately, she falls down the stairs and injures herself. Garv immediately shows concern for her well-being and carries her to the hospital.

Pandya Store: Natasha outsmarts Amba:
Natasha hurries off to join her brothers. Shesh follows and they come across Mittu who remarks on the difficulty of Natasha’s journey. Hetal enquires about her brother’s whereabouts. Mittu asks Natasha to tie Rakhi while Shesh mentions that she doesn’t have any. Without missing a beat, Natasha runs to get leaves, grinds them into a paste for tilak, ties the thread around their wrists, and continues before going off in search of a lighter. Upon obtaining one, she completes the Aarti ritual, embracing her brothers afterward with much emotion and a smile from Hetal. Lastly, asking Hetal to stay put, Natasha strides off yet again.


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