Bhagya Lakshmi Upcoming Malishka’s evil truth exposed

Bhagya Lakshmi Upcoming Malishka's evil truth exposed

Bhagya Lakshmi Upcoming Malishka’s evil truth exposed. Virender informs Neelam that Lakshmi is in Vikrant’s captivity. Vikrant gets drunk. He angrily breaks the alcohol bottle by throwing it in the havan Kund. He asks the pandit to chant the mantras for the Pheras. Rishi and the entire Oberoi family arrive there to save Lakshmi. Vikrant gets knocked out, but the big twist comes when Malishka comes in front of the family. Malishka’s presence shocks the family.

Rishi defeats Vikrant’s henchmen with ease and enters the area to find Shalu and Ayush bound to chairs. It was evident that Vikrant abducted Lakshmi for their nuptials, which Rishi wasted no time in informing Virender of. He quickly followed up by sending the couple’s current coordinates to the latter as well. Virender informs the police that Vikrant is still pursuing Lakshmi. Dadi suggests they go to their location to teach him a lesson and Bani requests to accompany them, to which they agree and head off. Virender informs Neelam and Karishma of Lakshmi having been seized by Vikrant.


To emphasize his outburst, he hurls an alcoholic beverage bottle into Havan and bawls out that the two ought to begin their Phere. Rishi soon appears before the trio and Vikrant demands whence he originates. Ultimately, after a search, the Oberoi family finds Malishka in Vikrant’s refuge. Keep reading for more news and updates.


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