Colors Parineetii Neeti plots to kill Pari once again

Colors Parineetii Neeti plots to kill Pari once again

Colors Parineetii Neeti plots to kill Pari once again. Gurinder instructs Parineet to remain in the room until the function ends, warning her of possible consequences if she doesn’t obey. Monty expresses sorrow, yet Neeti reminds him that Parineet is resilient and might have to face punishment for her actions. Bebe lauds Neeti for her astuteness, following which Parineet starts crying. Sanju assures that he knows she hasn’t done anything wrong; however, she refuses to believe it and holds herself responsible.

Assuring her innocence, Sanju repeats his statement. Neeti blames Parineet for her disgraceful actions causing them all to feel humiliated today, breaking everyone’s trust. Even though she had been forgiven many times, Neeti requested her to leave the house. After eavesdropping on Neetiā€™s confession to Bebe, Parineet realized it was time for her to make amends and prepared to walk out. Believing that her friend had betrayed her, Neeti decided to get revenge by engineering a plan to take Parineet’s life.



Jordan sets up the wood and ignites it before intimidating the police. He orders the inspector to let them go free. Jahaan proceeds by pouring hot wax over Jordan, warning him that this is merely the beginning of his punishment. Ilahi then questions Jahaan, feeling like he is keeping something from her.


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