Junooniyatt Jahaan Ilahi Wedding; Jordan sets ablaze

Junooniyatt Jahaan Ilahi Wedding; Jordan sets ablaze

Junooniyatt Jahaan Ilahi Wedding; Jordan sets ablaze. Jahaan reveals to Ilahi that he traveled to India for love, not vengeance as he had told others. He expresses his unyielding passion for her, but Jordan’s plea to the inspector to free them falls on deaf ears; instead, the inspector admonishes him for using public figures for private issues, warning him not to play games. When Ilahi brings up their intention to accompany each other in the prestigious Indian Voice Competition, Jahaan concurs.

Jahaan asserts that Jordan deceived her. Ilahi inquires as to why he never made an effort to get in touch with her following his departure. He reveals he tried multiple times. She then implores him as to why he didn’t attempt when he was back in India; she saw him at the market. Jahaan reacts by mentioning that he perceived her with Jordan at a restaurant, looking content. Ilahi wonders if it caused him to accept that she was pleased with the other man.


Jordan arranged the wood around as Ilahi informed Jahaan what a painful existence she endured after her wedding to Jordan. Her voice cracking with emotion, she recounted all that he had done to her. This brought tears to Jahaan’s eyes. However, their spirits were lifted when they noticed fireflies in their cell and rekindled fond memories of the past. Yet, Jordan still set the inferno ablaze.


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