Radha Mohan 15th September 2023 Written Update Damini’s arrest

Radha Mohan 15th September 2023 Written Update Damini's arrest

Radha Mohan 15th September 2023 Written Update Damini’s arrest. During the function, Shiv and Shakti get lost in each other’s eyes. Mohan says he wants Shiv to realize his love for Shakti before revealing the real Mandira. Radha thinks she will give Mohan a gift after everyone leaves. Mohan takes Shiv aside and asks him to speak with him. Kadambari prevents Mohan and Shiv from leaving, insisting on their participation in the puja. Radha, Mohan, Shiv, and Shakti bow to Krishna and initiate the Aarti. Gungun furtively attempts to take Prasad, but Kadambari stops her by saying it is for Prahad and must stay there. In a stunned reaction upon dropping the Prasad from her hand, Gungun laments not having eaten it. Manorama consolingly remarks that Krishna has his reasons for everything.

Kadambari informs that it is time for the ritual to be conducted, stating Radha will perform it and if she does so, she will be blessed with a cute baby boy by the next year. Manorama agrees without hesitation. Mohan suggests he’ll be ready to own a cricket team with Radha, making her blush as she recollects their moments together. Damini enquires Kaveri if she has turned on the switch; Kaveri confirms it joyfully, whilst Gungun notices the hidden identities of Damini and Kaveri and believes she will discover all about their plan soon. At this point, Kaveri cheerfully states that Radha is going to perish.


Damini and Kaveri are both shocked to find that Radha has received an electric shock. At that moment, Damini is about to depart from the scene but instead ends up crashing into Kaveri, who in turn bumps into another woman near the swing; as a result, Kaveri gets electrocuted. Upon seeing this, everyone becomes alarmed, with Mohan quickly turns off the power supply.

Shiv and Shakti analyze Kaveri’s condition, with Shiv declaring that she will soon be conscious. This brings a sigh of relief to Damini, who attempts to leave quickly before getting discovered. Gungun spots her and tells Manorama they must depart as tomorrow is Rimjhim’s haldi. Mohan proposes revealing the truth to Shiv and Shakti to Mohan, but noticing Shakti’s sorrowful expression he decides it would be the best gift for him. Radha seconds his decision. Kadambari instructs Ajeet to evict Kaveri and Damini from the residence. Mohan then proposes that they contact the authorities, to which Ajeet reveals he has already reached out. Soon after, the police arrive and Mohan apprises the Inspector of his suspicions of attempted murder. The Inspector subsequently orders his constable to apprehend them.


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