Udaariyaan 15th September 2023 Written Update Alia’s craze

Udaariyaan 15th September 2023 Written Update Alia's craze

Udaariyaan 15th September 2023 Written Update Alia’s craze. Aasma comes to talk to Armaan, she admits that they had a rough start but still tried to make it work. She questions what happened yesterday and demands he tell her the truth. She insists he tells her what’s going on in his heart. He apologizes saying that things happened too quickly and couldn’t be helped. Then Alia calls, which he takes, and informs Aasma of his need for time before he goes away. Aasma informs Rano that Armaan has to go out, prompting her to claim she will press his shirt. Rano reassures her it is alright and goes to tell Armaan that she has gotten a nice girl for him, prompting him to give the ancestral bangles Bebe gave her on her Mu dikhai.

Aasma presses the shirt and notices the bangle, thinking Armaan got it for her. Meanwhile, Sukhi and Bobby witness Armaan talking to a lawyer. They question why he needs one; he apologizes and admits he wants to keep this marriage as Aasma is a Canadian citizen so they need to register the marriage. Armaan tells Sukhi he must go and donate blood for his friend’s mother. He is urged to arrive on time to pick up Aasma, who is going on a page here. Seeing the bangles gone, Aasma assumes Armaan will present them during the ceremony. Neetu and Baby accompany Aasma to a temple where Baby dispatches Neetu and procures flowers from Aasma – the latter smiling all the while. Baby shoves Aasma into the filthy mire.


She implores Aasma to remain put until she can procure assistance, as it was a quicksand. Aasma screams for help and Armaan comes rushing to the hospital. As he meets Timmu, Sukhi witnesses the scene and then exits. Alia arrives at the hospital dressed as a doctor and envelops Armaan in a warm embrace. She exclaims that he did not take her calls; he retorts that he could not risk her life, hence refusing her request. Fixated on a nearby pole, Aasma throws her dupatta around it and attempts to get out of the sludgy mud. Alia notices some bangles and queries if they are for her; she adorns herself with them right away.

Armaan says to his mum that he was gifting the bangles to Aasma. Alia reprimands him and asked if he had done anything wrong with her. He replied denying it and added that he had to take her to Canada. Alia asserts that she has a right over the bangles as she is his love, his wife. Armaan then tells her to return the bangles, as it will be an issue if Aasma notices it. Aasma arrives back home with mud-stained clothes. Rano inquires if Aasma stumbled somewhere. The women tease her, so she gathers the blossoms to perform the puja. Alia asks Armaan to be cautious of Sukhi and Aasma. Armaan expresses his concerns for her and she blindfolds him. Neetu queries what happened to Aasma and Baby appears. Aasma recounts her journey for the flowers and how, although she fell into a marsh, it didn’t make her feel bad as she loves her land. Aasma makes the defeat turn into victory. Baby gets revengeful.


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