Anupama 16th September 2023 Written Update Malti’s son

Anupama 16th September 2023 Written Update Malti's son

Anupama 16th September 2023 Written Update Malti’s son. Malti loves Anuj dearly and expresses it every time she sees him. Anuj’s reaction is of surprise and he requests her to withdraw. At this point, Anupama walks in and enquires what has happened. Anuj tersely feigns nothing has occurred, and invites Malti to their place, confirming by Anupama’s edition of ‘ours’. Ankush questions Barkha, asking her what she is trying to prove by not saying anything. She responds that it is obvious what his son has done and there’s nothing left to say. He counters that he knew this was going to be her response and insists on hearing her out. Romil has made a mistake, and Barkha is defending Adhik.

Ankush remarks that Romil is being given another chance, but if he transpires to do something wrong again, she will expel him. Barkha claims her brother could never be at fault. Kinjal and Paritosh argue over Pakhi’s great act of forgiving Romil. They don’t think she did the right thing to trust Romil again. Barkha then suggests that Adhik and Pakhi should go on a date, and Adhik proposes dinner or a movie. Pakhi then asks Barkha to come with them; however, she refuses. Adhik jokingly offers to invite their families as well, but Pakhi is quick to point out that Malti Devi would be an unlikely guest. Eventually, Romil is invited too; yet he declines because of his project.


To make sure he won’t fall behind with his work, Pakhi offers her help until they have the chance to go to the movie. Romil goes to get his things, prompting Barkha and Adhik to caution Pakhi not to have faith in him. Still, she insists that he’s going to mend his actions. Pointing out that she too was impertinent and haughty during her teenage years, even though she had a big family to support her, Pakhi mentions how Romil only recently obtained one for himself. She is confident that he’ll change for the better.

Kavya speaks to Vanraj that when one loves someone, it’s hard to move on. She explains that Pakhi is set on giving Adhik a chance and how he is fortunate. She then confesses her love for him despite the criticism from Baa. Kavya reflects that when the heart is in control, reason doesn’t seem to play a role. Though she knows Vanraj won’t accept the baby right away, there is still an element of hope.


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