Anupama Track finale Anu finds Malti’s son Anuj

Anupama Track finale Anu finds Malti's son Anuj

Anupama Track finale Anu finds Malti’s son – Anuj. Anuj informs Anupama that Malti is by herself, and they are not her family. Anupama reminds him of her age and condition; if it were one of their mothers she would be in a nursing home. She adds that Nakul mentioned Malti has a son but doesn’t know his whereabouts. She inquires what the issue is. Anuj replies he isn’t certain how to respond, conveying that when she is around them, his uneasiness shows. Anupama holds her hands together and requests a couple of days. Anuj implores her not to do this as she contemplates what emotions dwell within him: ire or something else.

Pakhi tells Anuj that she will arrange a birthday party and asks him if that is what he wants. He agrees, saying it was something he had asked for once she returned. She then says she will take care of the preparations and invites him to cut the cake. Upon hearing some noise outside, they go investigate. Malti insists she hadn’t done anything wrong when Anupama comes up to her to assure her otherwise. Malti runs towards Anuj and hugs him, claiming the mess was a result of an accident.


Anuj is taken aback and says it’s alright. Malti insists that she be taken home with Anuj’s mother. Barkha remarks that they only bring home those whom they find on the street. Pakhi queries why Malti is behaving so oddly, and Ankush observes how complex mental conditions can sometimes be. Anupama tries to make it clear to Malti that the house belongs to Anuj and then leaves after him. He explains that he doesn’t like being addressed as ‘son’ or treated in that manner, expressing his distaste with an apology.

Anupama arrives at Malti’s house and instructs the Servant to get her belongings left behind. Upon discovering the birth certificate of Malti’s son, she ponders on who that could be. Uncovering a startling revelation, Anupama is left dumbfounded.


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