Bhagya Lakshmi 16th September 2023 Written Update Vikrant exposes Malishka

Bhagya Lakshmi 16th September 2023 Written Update Vikrant exposes Malishka

Bhagya Lakshmi 16th September 2023 Written Update Vikrant exposes Malishka. Vikrant tells Lakshmi that they will get married, move to another city, and stay happy. Malishka observes Rishi leaving, and wonders how she could escape this situation. Vikrant is suddenly called away to attend to a phone call. Lakshmi silently prays for mercy from God, that He does not give her death in such a manner. She hopes someone will come to save her; as if responding to her silent plea, she sees Rishi stopping in his tracks as if he has heard her calling out his name. Just then, Lakshmi throws down one of the bangles that Rishi had gifted her earlier, and upon recognizing it he realizes where she is and rushes off to rescue her.

Vikrant turns to her, declaring everything is ready: tomorrow they will travel to another city and she will never mention Rishi’s name again. He stresses how much better a person he is than Rishi, convinced he could take care of her even better. Lakshmi quickly interjects, saying that Vikrant could never match up to the dust beneath Rishi’s feet in this lifetime or any other. He stubbornly asserts that Rishi had left, vanquished in comparison to him. To this, Lakshmi calmly replies that Rishi is coming.


Just as Vikrant is about to turn the handle, Rishi shoves through the door into the room. Stunned, Vikrant looks on as Rishi inquires if Lakshmi is safe. He glares at Vikrant and declares that their bond is a blessing from God not to be tampered with by someone like him. Unfazed, the latter claims his right to do whatever he pleases but is quickly subdued after receiving a blow to the face from Lakshmi’s bangle. Sobbing, she embraces Rishi and expresses her relief at being saved. Shalu and Bani come to greet Lakshmi, who is warmly embraced by Dadi, Virender, Neelam, and the rest.

She checks if her grandmother is alright, reminding her of her dust allergy. Meanwhile, Rishi snaps the sacred thread Lakshmi had on, telling Vikrant his fate was sealed. Grandma then comments that he was a chameleon in disguise before slapping him; Virender adds that their color is true and unchangeable – like ink – and injustice shall not be tolerated. Finally, Dadi declares that no debt shall go unpaid.

Virender slaps him and adds that good deeds bring forth good rewards and bad deeds have their consequences. Dadi views this test from God as too hard, she tells Lakshmi that she will appeal to God and ask why such severe trials have been inflicted. Ayush comes to Vikrant saying he had hit Shalu. To make up for it his brother has done the needful. He then reminds him that his in-laws are waiting and takes him away. Kiran arrives on the scene, Malishka urges her to leave before anyone notices them; Ayush had caught them earlier but was not sure if others saw them.

Kiran instructs Malishka to go to Rishi and embrace him as if she were morosely attached to him. She implores him to tell her why he has put himself in this precarious situation again, reminding him that the person responsible for his prior brush with death was none other than Vikrant. Rishi explains that he had come for Lakshmi—to save her life. Malishka remarks that, no matter what, something is bound to happen. As Vikrant laughs and praises her as a great actor, Rishi wonders how this girl knows about Lakshmi’s abduction. He insists that she was aware of it and had already come here before everyone else. Vikrant claims that Malishka is in cahoots with him in this crime and wants to separate Lakshmi from Rishi. Malishka denies this accusation.

Vikrant accuses Malishka of helping him commit the crime and casting out Lakshmi from their lives. She denies this accusation, claiming he is lying. However, Vikrant persists; insisting that she was here to get him married to Lakshmi. Ayush wonders whether he has held hands with Malishka or Saloni. He finally realizes it was indeed Malishka. The Inspector arrives on the scene and enquires as to which one of them is the criminal. Ayush informs him that it is Vikrant and asks Constable to take him away. Virender expresses his gratitude towards Ayush for completing their task. Dadi declares they shall go home and have a talk about the matter while Kiran questions her trust in Vikrant being true. With this, Rishi along with Lakshmi follows her outside, leaving a disheartened Malishka muttering how Vikrant has ruined her life by leaving.


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