Kundali Bhagya Upcoming 18th September 2023 Update

Kundali Bhagya Upcoming 18th September 2023 Update

Kundali Bhagya Upcoming 18th September 2023 Update. Palki overhears Rajveer and Shanaya’s conversation. Shanaya tells him that the way he worries for her, anyone would see his care and think that he likes her. Rajveer doesn’t want any misunderstanding between Palki and him. On the other hand, Preeta and Shrishti manage to catch hold of Shambhu. They bring him home and keep him captive, demanding him to name the person who hired him to kill Preeta. Shambhu doesn’t reveal anything and simply laughs. Preeta threatens to break his head by hitting a vase. She picks a vase but he isn’t scared at all. Rajveer gets a hint of Palki’s annoyance. He thinks to speak to her and clear the matter.

Earlier in the show, Rakhi queries Rajveer whether or not he is a great friend of Palki, to which he replies affirmatively and states that she has no other. Shocked by the sight of tears in her eyes, Rakhi questions him why Palki was weeping. Unaware of the situation, Rajveer inquires what his mom was saying while urging him to ask Palki himself.


Rakhi informs Palki that her guess about the matter was correct, which must have to do with someone she loves, but she doesn’t give out any more details. She requests for Palki to forgive her for not disclosing the secret and encourages Rajveer to continue. Feeling a bit hesitant, Rajveer inquires if Palki has some kind of attachment. Looking at him, she declares that something came into her mind and excuses herself quickly. This causes confusion in Rajveer’s mind as he isn’t aware of who Palki likes.


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