Udaariyaan 16th September 2023 Written Update Alia’s daring act

Udaariyaan 16th September 2023 Written Update Alia's daring act

Udaariyaan 16th September 2023 Written Update Alia’s daring act. Alia displays her decorations to Armaan, who becomes irascible and inquires if she is making fun of the matter. He starts to grow anxious as he ponders on how he can escape the union, yet Alia continues her silly actions. They clash over it and Alia struggles to accept that Armaan did not do anything with Aasma during their first night together. Despite his efforts to make her see the truth, she remains insecure. She keeps on questioning him.

Aasma had a difficult previous night and was unable to shake the lingering feeling of embarrassment. She anxiously awaited Armaan’s arrival, becoming increasingly worried as the time passed. Deepak soon arrived and asked if Aasma was content in her marriage, to which she replied that she was pleased with it and that Armaan looked after her but was still getting accustomed to the relationship. After a long time, Alia and Armaan finally have some peace to themselves, however Alia doesn’t wish to be disturbed by anyone. When Sukhi calls Armaan, Alia doesn’t let him take the calls and reveals that she has a surprise for him. This worries Aasma as he knows if Sukhi comes over, it could cause quite a problem. To this, Sukhi calls up Timmy and asks about Armaan’s whereabouts, telling him to ask Armaan to call back as soon as possible so he is not late for the rituals.


Alia stays close to Armaan and commences a passionate embrace with him. His thoughts, meanwhile, become clouded with Sukhi and the crucial ritual scheduled for that evening. Everyone at Aasma’s place anxiously await Armaan’s arrival as Beeji inquires. She reassures them, saying he is stuck in traffic and he will be there shortly. Baby and others arrive at the Dhillon mansion saying they must take Aasma back since Armaan’s arrival was uncertain. Rano is adamant that there is nothing quite like this, and insists Armaan will show up. Alia and him share a momentous second in the bathtub as Ekam interrupts, just as Armaan’s phone buzzes away soundlessly – he remains indifferent to it. Sukhi, infuriated at his disregard for Aasma, expresses her frustration.


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