Anupama 17th September 2023 Written Update Pakhi’s marriage

Anupama 17th September 2023 Written Update Pakhi's marriage

Anupama 17th September 2023 Written Update Pakhi’s marriage ups and downs. Anuj suspects Malti’s intentions behind entering his house. He isn’t able to trust her. In her sleep, Malti wonders where her son is and why he hasn’t come to visit. Anuj informs Anupama that Malti called him ‘son’ in the clinic, reminding of her threat to exact revenge. He worries for his family’s safety, not really knowing what she has planned. Anupama tries to reassure him; maybe Malti just mistook him for Nakul as she used to call him son too. Terrified, Anuj urges her to find Malti’s family and send her away from their lives. Anupama agrees to search for her relatives first. She feels bad to see Anuj in stress.

Pakhi enquires if Anupama has something to say. After detecting the allusion to Romil and Adhik, she prompts her to accept her advice although Anupama assures her that it is meant as a suggestion from a friend. Pakhi is aware of her message but defends Adhik’s change in attitude. Anupama reasons that weather does not change so swiftly and expounds on her previous statement, explaining that it takes time for habits, thoughts and fears to be eradicated. She also adds that men take longer to lose their ego as well.


Pakhi reassures her by pointing out Adhik’s good behaviour. Anupama questions why we need to depend on others for our happiness, why do we always follow instead of walking with them. She remembers how her neighborhood elders used to visit when marriages had issues and offer guidance. The new generation however don’t take kindly to such interference, while she advocates it’s not wrong to get help when needed.

Anupama says that when married couples have issues, they should seek help from a marriage counsellor, and openly take their advice rather than avoiding the problem. After hearing this, Pakhi concludes that she needs to ensure her marriage is in a good state.


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