Anupama High drama Malti to reveal her son’s identity

Anupama High drama Malti to reveal her son's identity

Anupama High drama Malti to reveal her son’s identity. Anupama visits Malti’s dance academy and wistfully remembers the past. She ponders on Anuj’s words, visualizing his anxiety and Malti’s state. A woman appears there and remarks about her appearance. When Anupama requests her to check if Malti has kept anything in the storeroom – like some paper or other items, the lady leaves to search. Anuj witnesses Malti with Anu and despairs at all that has transpired between them. While still asleep, Malti entreats him not to leave his mother.

Hasmukh notices the smoke in the kitchen and calls out to check if anyone is there. He ushers Kavya inside, who hastily opens the windows to clear it out. She is taken aback upon seeing Leela unconscious and unable to lift her. Reassuring that nothing has happened to her, she reasons that Leela simply fainted because of the thick smoke in the room. Kavya calls Vanraj for help. Anupama notices a hospital file among Malti’s stuff; Vanraj explains that Leela’s BP shot up which resulted in her passing out. Hasmukh comments that she always puts others ahead of herself and worries for everyone’s safety before tending to her own needs.


Vanraj assures that they will look after her just as Hasmukh has done. Hasmukh dismisses and says Kavya had looked after her, he had been scared looking at her but Kavya had switched off the stove and requested the doctor to come home. Everyone’s attention is drawn towards Kavya upon whom Vanraj gazes with admiration. Kinjal queries why Kavya went to the kitchen to make tea as she would have done so after returning home. Leela thanks Kavya for her kind gesture which makes Kavya emotional, prompting her to leave the place soon after. With everyone present around her, Leela gets up and expresses she is fine now and will take care of herself better from here on.

Anupama discovers that Malti had a son, after receiving Anuj’s message and sending one back in reply. She is surprised by the deteriorated condition of his birth certificate. She thinks she must find out where he is, and the orphanage receipt offers a clue. Anupama informs Anuj that she had gone to Gurukul and had located Malti’s child’s birth certificate. Anupama tells Anuj that Malti’s son is of his age. Anuj asks him to find Malti’s son and send her off. Anupama and Anuj don’t realize that he can be Malti’s son who they are desperately finding. He thinks Malti can meet her son and get okay. Moreover, when she found a photograph of Malti’s son, she showed it to her, asking about his whereabouts. This demonstration had the effect of causing Malti to burst into tears. Malti sees Anuj in front and calls him her son.


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