Bhagya Lakshmi 17th September 2023 Written Update Ayush’s point

Bhagya Lakshmi 17th September 2023 Written Update Ayush's point

Bhagya Lakshmi 17th September 2023 Written Update Ayush’s point. Sonia inquires where Malishka went, to which Sonal replies that she has gone with Kiran and was very forlorn and heartbroken. She clarifies that Vikrant had abducted Lakshmi so everyone left in search of her. Sonia expresses that he had no other alternative since Lakshmi refused. She says she doesn’t care if he breaks her arms or legs but must marry her. Sonal posits that Sonia’s family would get the union done. Sonia retorts saying she doesn’t know if Lakshmi practices dark magic or is creating a competition with Neelam. Moreover, she states that Malishka and Rishi’s wedding is due tomorrow.

Virender requests Ayush to take Shalu and Bani to their abode. Ayush says he’d like to ask Malishka a question. Karishma enquires if Ayush has faith in Vikrant. He answers negatively, stressing that the scoundrel deserves no trust. He then probed Malishka if she had anything to do with Lakshmi’s abduction by Vikrant. To this query, Malishka was taken aback asking him if he’s gone crazy, affirming that would she back up the felon who tried assassinating her Rishi. Neelam warns him that as an offspring of the family, he is expected not to behave in such a way; however, Ayush defends himself saying he’s done nothing wrong, and asks her for proof regarding Malishka’s absence from the spot. Malishka retorts by further questioning him to provide proof of her presence there. Kiran cuts in stating that Malishka was with her at the location; Ayush then probes who informed them about their arrival there.


Kiran states Sonal contacted him, then she arrives and mentions she heard Virender notifying everyone. Ayush inquires why Sonal called you and whether you were outside. Malishka declares it is enough and says he believes Vikrant but not her. Ayush strongly states he felt that was there and held her hand. Malishka requests him to prove it. He explains when Vikrant set off the smoke bomb, he had grasped a girl’s hand firmly but she didn’t yell out. Then, he holds Malishka’s hand which makes her cry out. He describes she was there dressed in black, so nobody saw her engaging in illegal activity.

Malishka yells at him. Kiran taunts Karishma for permitting her son to communicate such things. She inquires Ayush if he is a policeman, to which he answers that he is just asking what everybody else wants to know but no one has the guts to ask. Kiran takes it upon herself to answer that her daughter will not answer any of his questions. Ayush believes that no one will ever find out about Malishka, however, the truth is that she had worn those clothes so as not to be identified by anyone. Mercifully, she wasn’t brave enough to take any drastic steps when they left the place as she assumed Rishi was biased towards Lakshmi than towards her – much like a blessing in disguise!

Kiran accuses Ayush of playing games, like Lakshmi, to prevent Rishi and Malishka’s marriage from going ahead. She questions if that is his intention and points out that he consistently refers to Lakshmi as Bhabhi despite their divorce. She insists that her daughter is innocent and pleads for him to not speak ill of them behind their back yet face them with any suspicions. Karishma then comforts her as she sheds fake tears. Ayush declares that the fates of Rishi and Lakshmi are intertwined, and separation is impossible. Bani insists that effort must be made to succeed. Shalu remarks that fortune smiles on those who persevere. Ayush encourages them to remain calm, Bani wondering how to prevent Malishka and Rishi’s wedding.


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