Bhagya Lakshmi 18th September 2023 Written Update Wedding Fixed

Bhagya Lakshmi 18th September 2023 Written Update Wedding Fixed

Bhagya Lakshmi 18th September 2023 Written Update Wedding Fixed. Kiran comes to the rescue of Malishka, while Rishi escorts Lakshmi to her place. Karishma then proposes that marrying off Rishi and Malishka should be done without delay; expressing concern that no one interferes with their nuptials. Neelam agrees, not wishing for Rishi to be wed under duress. Karishma finds this satisfactory. Lakshmi questions Rishi as to why he called off his engagement. She expresses her fear that the public will consider her accountable for his decision. Lakshmi urges him not to let anyone blame her for the situation. Neelam tells Virendra that Lakshmi will not become part of their family as a daughter-in-law. She also informs Rishi that Malishka is to be his life partner and requests him to care for her.

To announce Malishka and Rishi’s upcoming wedding, Sonia declares it in the house. Rano then informs Shalu that Lakshmi will not be able to form a connection with Rishi and Neelam would never accept her as family. Neelam declares that they must hasten Rishi and Malishka’s nuptials, and Dadi conveys to Virendra, Ayush, and Shalu the need for Rishi and Lakshmi to be united. Everyone then clasps hands to ensure the marriage is a success, Karishma, Neelam, and Sonia included.



Bebe attempts to persuade Neeti to end Pari’s pregnancy. She tells her that Sanju will be different once the baby arrives, but Neeti disagrees. As a Ganapati pooja takes place in their house, she gets angry observing Parminder praising Pari and resolves to take away the unborn child’s life as she perceives Sanju is very close to Pari. Pari imagines she would leave Sanju and Neeti permanently. Yet Sanju forbids her from leaving and requests her to complete the pooja. Neeti proclaims it will be the last pooja of hers ever.

Bhagya Lakshmi 18th September 2023 Written Update Wedding Fixed:

Rishi ponders over Lakshmi’s words; he recalls his time with her. Rishi realizes that his affection is with him yet he can’t retain it. He acknowledges that the love of his life stands before him and yet he’s powerless to prevent his marriage to someone else – asking himself why it has to be so agonizing. He contemplates for a little while longer before realizing that Lakshmi will depart from him forever very soon and he will then have to wed Malishka. He wonders if he will ever reunite with Lakshmi again as tears stream down his face.

He implores God, questioning whether this was written in his fate. He wonders why He brought Lakshmi into his life and made him meet her if this was to be their fate. Tears streaming down his face, he realizes one thing- without Lakshmi in his life, he is incomplete. The thought of her leaving causes him such grief that he cannot fathom life without her. Kiran questions Malishka, wondering if she is out of her senses to conspire with Vikrant. She reminds her that he had taken her name the other time and says that she had managed most things but did not want anyone to know.

Sonal then interjects, asking why Kiran did not tell her. Kiran explains that she was worried someone may overhear them. Sonal understands and urges Malishka to be careful and not make any mistakes nor feel inadequate compared to Lakshmi, reminding her that Rishi will marry her but there should be no motive to cancel it. Kiran suggests concentration on the wedding and Rishi, telling her to relax and pay attention to this marriage. Malishka inquires if Rishi has feelings for Lakshmi when I posed the question of whom he loves. Sonal quickly urges her to remain quiet, so as not to give him an opportunity to confess his love. Kiran expresses worry that Dadi and Virender may be planning something, and Sonal insists we must guarantee the nuptials take place tomorrow.

Sonia makes a big announcement: Rishi and Malishka’s postponed marriage is taking place today. Everyone gathers around as Sonia explains that it will take place soon. Ayush questions why, prompting Karishma to advise him to enjoy the occasion and that it will happen right away. Sonia adds that Rishi and Malishka are getting married today, with her wanting to make her point known by striking a spoon against a glass. Lakshmi unexpectedly arrives, garnering attention from Rishi. Dadi inquires if Neelam has advanced the wedding. Virender enquires of Sonia if she is speaking sincerely. Sonia affirms that she is, but her mother has requested for this announcement. Rano states that Neelam won’t let them be together and wonders why would Rishi suggest Lakshmi, when he loves her. Shalu and Bani concur with her opinion.

Rano further adds that Neelam Oberoi is the major barrier between Rishi and Lakshmi, who would never let them unite, and she questions what could Rishi do in such a situation. Neelam arrives, and Virender inquires whether she was the one who requested her to make this announcement. She replies that it was because of Rishi, as he had a tendency to flee. She informs everyone that all the pre-wedding functions will be conducted on this day and her daughter Malishka will then come in as their bahu. Malishka embraces her mother-in-law and apologizes for bringing forward the marriage ceremony. Nevertheless, she expresses her joy at being able to call her ‘Mom’. Neelam urges her to do the right thing and gives her blessing for Malishka’s upcoming nuptials that very day.

Dadi acquiesces with a nod, and Neelam embraces her with understanding, projecting internally that despite Dadi wanting Lakshmi to become the family’s daughter-in-law, she won’t let it pass. Ayush calls Shalu and requests her to hurry home. When she inquires about the reason, he informs that marriage preparations are underway and time’s running out. She then turns to Rano and enquires whether she is pleased by this situation. Rano clarifies that she has had no ill-intentions towards Lakshmi and asks what Ayush said. Hearing that Rishi and Malishka’s wedding is imminent, Bani expresses her shock. Heeding their cue, Shalu and Bani depart from there, leaving Rano fretting over Lakshmi.

g which Dadi confirms their resolution to join Rishi and Lakshmi together.



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