Bhagya Lakshmi 19th September 2023 Written Update Love Battle

Bhagya Lakshmi 19th September 2023 Written Update Love Battle

Bhagya Lakshmi 19th September 2023 Written Update Love Battle. Neelam gives Rishi a sherwani to wear for the mehendi ceremony. She reminds him it’s his marriage with Malishka, and suggests he be happy; although he points out it wouldn’t be the first wedding he had, Neelam maintains this one is real and brings her much joy – second only to when he was born. Confirming that he is with her on this, she urges him to get ready. Ayush informs Virender that Mami is suspicious – prompting them both to agree they can no longer stay silent; Dadi feels it’s time to start playing their game – but Ayush isn’t sure what they should do next.

Neelam says that Rishi had agreed to her demands, but then he left her and said that her complaints would cease if he were to marry Malishka. She wants him to ask Lakshmi to leave immediately, so they would no longer be associated with each other. Rishi is thus sitting on the bed in sadness. Dadi remarks that they will have to make him understand his love for Lakshmi. Ayush states that he is trying, but isn’t succeeding at understanding himself and wonders how they can get him to realize it now. Karishma comments that Neelam herself had come to a similar conclusion. Malishka reminds them not to forget that Lakshmi is still around. Sonal nods in agreement, while Dadi adds that even though Rishi always goes against Neelam’s wishes, it is his love for Lakshmi that compels him.


Shalu and Bani arrive at the scene, to which Shalu inquires about what activities will be taking place. Malishka wants to know her role in the proceedings. Karishma encourages everyone to revel in the joyous occasion and remarks that it is a momentous event. Sonal adds that it is a significant achievement. Dadi highlights their courage while Virender declares Rishi’s and Lakshmi’s love as supreme above all else. Furthermore, Karishma clarifies their objective of making sure no one can impede this marriage. Lakshmi confronts Neelam, questioning if it was right to keep her in the dark after bringing her into their family as a bride. Ayush attempts to make Rishi comprehend his love for Lakshmi.

Bhagya Lakshmi 19th September 2023 Written Update Love Battle:

Neelam belittles Lakshmi, questioning her motives for keeping Rishi close and stating that bad people’s dreams never come true. She brings up Malishka’s love for Rishi as a reason why she is marrying him despite Lakshmi’s schemes. Neelam adds that she can’t stand that Rishi listens to Lakshmi more than her, claiming she knows Lakshmi very well and even Rishi couldn’t see it. In response, Lakshmi expresses her admiration for Neelam as a mother figure but clarifies that she has no intention of getting in between Malishka and Rishi.

She emphasizes that she left Rishi when he refused to divorce her and only returned because Neelam arranged their marriage. Despite understanding Neelam’s maternal love for her son, Lakshmi questions if she considers what Neelam did to her by keeping her in the dark and arranging the marriage without her knowledge. She asserts that she doesn’t control Rishi like a puppet and believes relationships are based on genuine feelings rather than manipulation.

Rishi ponders over the thought of Lakshmi no longer staying here after their marriage, which would lead to their separation. He realizes that Lakshmi never reciprocated his love and will not be a part of his destiny, nor be there to support him. Just then, Ayush appears and notices Rishi’s melancholy state. He questions why Rishi is not happy when he is about to marry the love of his life, Malishka. Ayush further probes if there is someone else that Rishi loves and is marrying Malishka out of obligation. He directly asks if it’s Lakshmi that Rishi loves. To which, Rishi denies any feelings for her.

Confused, Ayush expresses his joy for Rishi but also mentions being sad because Lakshmi Bhabhi will have to leave after the wedding. Meanwhile, Lakshmi can’t fathom the idea of Rishi choosing her over Malishka; however, Neelam insists that it is for her good and forbids any thoughts of them getting married. Lakshmi states that if there is still confusion, she will leave immediately. Ayush admits to initially feeling lost, but after looking at it from a different perspective, he thought Lakshmi had feelings for Malishka. He then clarifies that he does not know who Rishi’s true love is – Malishka or someone else. Neelam believes Karishma’s assessment of Lakshmi wanting to leave so that Rishi does not marry Malishka.

She claims that while Lakshmi may be able to deceive my family, she will not deceive her. Neelam also expresses her disapproval of Lakshmi’s character and considers her inauspicious and unlucky. She refrains from saying more as it is Rishi’s wedding day. Ayush commends Rishi for all he does for Lakshmi and even goes against Neelam for her sake. He admits to being confused about Rishi’s decision to marry someone he doesn’t love instead of his true love. Ayush asks for Rishi’s help, expressing his confusion and wondering why Rishi seems upset.

Ayush wants to know if Rishi will confess his love for Lakshmi and reject Malishka. He wonders if he is willing to take the next step and propose to her. Meanwhile, Neelam warns Lakshmi that she will not have a chance to regret if the marriage doesn’t take place today. She instructs Lakshmi to get ready and join her in her room. Neelam believes that things wouldn’t have come to this if Lakshmi knew how to handle relationships. With that, she heads off to her room, leaving a crying Lakshmi. Ayush explains that if the person in question doesn’t propose to his love interest, she will choose to part ways. He urges him to be truthful and encourages him to listen to his heart before making a decision. This brings tears to Rishi’s eyes.


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