Kathaa Ankahee Maya gets desperate 18th September 2023 Update

Kathaa Ankahee Maya gets desperate 18th September 2023 Update

Kathaa Ankahee Maya gets desperate 18th September 2023 Update. Viaan notices Katha is lost in thought and asks her what’s on her mind. He manages to cheer her up by responding to all her questions. Teasingly, she reminds him they have their car stuck in the forest when suddenly a valet arrives with Katha’s belongings and the keys. Much to her amazement, Viaan informs Katha he got the police involved and managed to come out unscathed. Katha tells Viaan about Aarav’s concern for them, and he video calls to show them his luggage, excited to stay with Kailash first and then theirs after they tie the knot. Katha inquires about Neerja and learns from Aarav that she is heading to Delhi; both of them are taken aback by this news.

Maya requests someone on the call to keep Neerja occupied in Delhi until she is called back. At Earthcon, she meets Jeetu bhai and fabricates a story that she desires to give Viaan a surprise wedding gift; however, she has forgotten what his favorite hotel is. She inquires if he can provide the details from the office documents. He agrees and then, Ehsan appears at the office, taken aback at her being there with Jeetu bhai. Rather than speak, he goes inside and disrupts the internet connection throughout the whole office. Maya is shocked yet persuades Jeetu bhai to use his office phone instead – to which he complies. Neerja informs Katha and Viaan that she must wrap up some legal business in Delhi to attend to her shelter home, causing Katha to feel dismayed at the thought of not having Neerja present for their event.


Undeterred, Neerja manages to improve Katha’s mood before telling Viaan to take care of both her and Aarav. As a token of appreciation for all that she had done, Aarav gave Neerja a painting of her shelter home. The four of them took one last selfie together before Neerja said her goodbyes. Jeetu bhai gets a surprise call and, upon answering, is informed it’s Ehsan and he invites him to go on a holiday.

Meanwhile, Maya attempts to get the hotel room name of Katha- -Viaan, but her plan is thwarted when Vanya spills tea on her and she is forced to leave. Ehsan expresses his appreciation for Vanya’s assistance. Maya locates the cash that Katha had given to Viaan earlier on, during their time together. Determined to obtain evidence of their clandestine affair, she begins looking for clues. At the same time, Katha and Aarav feel extremely emotional as they prepare to depart from their home, filled with poignant recollections. All three members share an endearing embrace before leaving. One of Viaan’s staff informs Maya that someone has purposefully severed the internet connection – this leads her to speculate if it could be Vanya preventing her from discovering the facts.


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