Kumkum Bhagya 19th September 2023 Written Update Khushi kidnapped

Kumkum Bhagya 19th September 2023 Written Update Khushi kidnapped

Kumkum Bhagya 19th September 2023 Written Update Khushi kidnapped. Akshay plans to get Khushi kidnapped. Vishaka asks him why he got Khushi home. Akshay says that Ranbir felt Prachi would snatch Khushi from him, and Prachi felt Ranbir would snatch Khushi from her. He adds that he will take advantage of their insecurity. He hires a goon to kidnap Khushi. He gives Khushi’s photo and details. He asks the goon to come home at night. The goon reaches the house and sees Khushi dressed as Kanha. He kidnaps Khushi. Akshay blames Ranbir for kidnapping Khushi and taking her away from Prachi. Prachi appears shocked. Keep reading for a full written update on Kumkum Bhagya 19th September 2023.

Earlier in the show, Akshay assures Prachi that her joy is of utmost importance to him. He also mentions seeing Ranbir treat Khushi as if she were his daughter. Prachi then confirms it and he fabricates a story about Ranbir making Khushi feel they’re apart due to something involving Prachi to ease the anxiety, for which he expresses regret. At the same time, however, he suggests that they both bond with Khushi more. This leaves Prachi feeling suspicious about Ranbir’s behavior.


Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si:

Vandana refers to Vaibhav’s Aai, who supplies no assistance. Vedika pins the blame on her brother for making their life a living hell. Immediately, he hears a shrill and hurries to the ground floor, discovering his father had attempted suicide. Mrunal and Anagha Surrey waves of criticism at Vandana for making things worse; however she strives to do what she can to provide refuge for her family. Kunal continues to make life difficult for Vandana’s family. Bua is forced to take a job in a shop to make ends meet, while Vandana entreats him not to cause her any more suffering.

Kumkum Bhagya 19th September 2023 Written Update Khushi kidnapped:

Vishaka praises Akshay for his wise decision to bring Khushi home, believing that it would help Ranbir forget Prachi. She further explains how bringing Khushi home was the right and noble thing to do; to rid the house of any bad reflection left behind by Ranbir. Akshay agrees and expresses gratitude for her understanding. Vishaka reassures Akshay that nothing will befall Ranbir since Mihika loves him dearly. Nonetheless, he advises her to relax and anticipates that the family will have turbulence for a while but restores his faith in saying it will be all right eventually.

He details by preaching Prachi and Ranbir have been disunited with the latter believing Khushi expires due to her. Akshay explains he is intending to bring them together again in holy matrimony while keeping himself as Prachi’s husband and Khushi as their daughter. Vishaka inquires about his intentions. He says that when they reunited after many years, fear and insecurity started to build up as Ranbir felt Prachi was trying to take Khushi away from him and Prachi thought the same about Ranbir. Akshay declared that he’d use their doubts to his benefit, however, Vishaka encouraged them to try and adjust so Khushi wouldn’t have any issues.

Prachi invites Khushi to have chole batura, and notices the beautiful dress she is wearing. She inquires who gave her the fashion magazine, to which Ranbir responds with a smile, claiming that it was he who had provided her with the magazine, so that she could brush up on her fashion sense. Prachi lightly scolds him for his impulsive decision and redirects conversation back to Khushi; asking if her Papa will have food too. Ranbir basks in the love of his daughter’s caring nature before Prachi assures him that they would not leave him hungry. Khushi requests some nourishment first and then urges Ranbir to spare her from Mamma. Taking her up, Ranbir quickly runs while Prachi inquires as to whether she should eat something.

Mihika watches them having a good time together as Khushi and Ranbir appreciate their family minutes. Feeling angry, Prachi announces that she is going, however, Ranbir pleads her not to get miffed. Fondly expressing “I love you Mamma,” Khushi is followed by an ‘I love you too’ from Ranbir as he apologizes for his conducts. The whole course of events leaves Mihika exasperated. Akshay hires the goon for kidnapping Khushi. He tells that had there been no task at hand, he would not have summoned him. He then hands over a picture, asking the goon to come during Krishna’s birth and abduct her.

Later, Ranbir instructs Prachi to make Khushi eat something, but she inquires if she must really consume it. He advises her to obey her mother and points out that mothers always think the best for their children. Mihika enters the room then and queries what is occuring here; Ranbir informs her that Khushi is having food. She greets Khushi warmly and inquires why she hasn’t met her yet; Khushi assures her that she will soon visit her. Prachi becomes melancholy. Ranbir tells Mihika that she would make a great mommy. His words greatly upset Prachi and she quickly leaves the room. Ranbir follows her, asking why she was so distressed. She answers his question with one of her own: “Didn’t you know?”

He hesitates before responding that if he’d known her better, then they would have never argued. Prachi lashes out at him for attempting to take her daughter away once again. And asks what does he mean by ‘again’. She explains how in the past, due to his actions, she had lost her daughter but eventually found and adopted her with Akshay’s help again. Ranbir assures Prachi that he will not do anything to separate her from Khushi and leaves.

Vishaka, having heard their conversation, expresses her understanding of the mother-daughter bond, warning Prachi to be vigilant. Drawing on her own experience of protecting her children, she counsels Prachi not to let anyone interfere in their relationship and take Khushi away. Manpreet tells Mihika to give a peacock feather to Khushi, whom she believes will be pleased. She encourages her to form an emotional connection with the child. Vishaka then adds that Khushi can help her draw nearer to Ranbir, and reveals how things work between parents and those who love their children. But Mihika says she already loves the girl, to which Vishaka suggests she exaggerates this feeling.

Ranbir suggests they talk and attempt to clear up any discrepancies between them before any more can come up. He tells her that her joy is paramount in his mind, for nothing is more important than it. She requests that he not mention happiness again, mentioning with a tinge of bitterness how he has hurt her beyond comprehension; she trusted him and never thought he could harm her, but the reality was starkly different. He tries to understand what’s going on in her head, imploring her to lay a hand on his chest: all he wants is for both of them to be content, for a happy family with the two of them at its core. However, Prachi insists that she no longer qualifies as his wife.

Ranbir tells Prachi that he considers her part of his family, not Akshay and the others who are just for show. He suggests that she use her mind to understand what he means, and will not explain any further. Akshay smiles as he overhears this. Prachi inquires if Akshay had ever told Ranbir that their marriage was fake— which Akshay denies, insisting he sees Prachi as his real wife. He regrets coming when her mood was off. Khushi had mentioned to Akshay about taking him out for a walk in the park, but due to the bad weather, it wasn’t a good idea; yet, seeing how much it meant to Khushi, he couldn’t refuse. However, Ranbir warned her not to tell anyone, and this made Akshay think Prachi may not know about it— prompting him to tease her with a lie in order to make her suspicious of Ranbir’s motives. Smiling wickedly afterwards, he awaits her reaction.


  1. Kkb today nice because of Khushi after Akshay kidnapped Khushi he tells that bad reason Ranbir i want leap story prachi mother Khushi grown up story want don’t want Akshay in prachi life


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