Rabb Se Hai Dua 18th September 2023 Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 18th September 2023 Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 18th September 2023 Update. Dua departs the dwelling, and Gazal mocks her. But she retorts with the reminder that in a month, she will be back to expose her. Gazal then turns to Hina, begging for assistance to reunite with Haider, suggesting Hina carry his baby to live with them. However, when it comes time for Haider to take Ruhan out on bail, Dua objects; imploring the inspector not to release him due to the risks posed. Haider attempts to convince Dua, but she remains firm in her position. She makes them aware that Ruhan is the one who will be held accountable if something untoward happens.

Gazal felt a sense of relief as a result of this move, however, Dua requested her not to feel pleasure and ordered her to start packing right away. To bring Haider back, Gazal asks for Hina’s assistance, imploring her to take their child with him so they can live together forever. Consequently, Haider attempts to get Ruhan out on bail yet is met with refusal by Dua; instead, she warns the inspector of the potential risks posed to Haider’s life.


Ravi is asked by Dua to remain with Haider to save him from Ruhan, however, he refuses; Hafeez complains that she is still in love with Haider, though he had previously thrown her out of his house – Dua informs him it’s simply love. Haider then returns home with Ruhan, causing Gulnaaz to curse Dua, and making Haider furious. He demands them to stop and reprimands them for slapping Kaynaat while defending her. Gulnaaz speaks ill of her; Haider then shames her. Hina inquires if he still has feelings for Dua, which again he denies – unfortunately it is heard by Ravi. Keep reading for more news, spoilers and updates on your favorite show.


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