Udaariyaan 18th September 2023 Armaan promises Deepak

Udaariyaan 18th September 2023 Armaan promises Deepak

Udaariyaan 18th September 2023 Armaan promises Deepak. Aasma dashes eagerly to the stairs, where Armaan is showered with a lavish spread from his family. Biji invites him to sit so she can join them, making Raja’s eyes alight at the sight of the feast. He is told it has all been prepared by Deepak. At this point Raja bellows out that Alia has arrived, leaving Armaan slightly bemused as to why their timely arrival was necessary. Aasma enthusiastically welcomes all to join, and Alia joyfully meets Armaan. Raja announces that Banto has arrived, however, Armaan requests that he remain silent. Aasma happily invites Alia to participate, and she states that she is here to bestow a present from Ekam.

Alia grasps Armaan’s hand firmly as she presents him with the offering. Alia deliberately pushes Armaan. The food falls and stains his pants. He goes to the washroom to clean it. Alia shocks Armaan by popping up inside the washroom. Biji questions why Armaan is taking so long. Aasma goes to the bathroom and knocks on the door. Inside, Alia is acting like a maniac, yet Armaan manages to keep her quiet. He opens up the door and declares he’ll be downstairs soon. As Aasma leaves, she nearly trips when her foot slips on some soap.


Armaan quickly comes to his rescue, one hand steadying him while the other silences Alia. From behind the door, their little scene is observed by Alia who remains unseen and unheard. Aasma follows Armaan downstairs while Alia lags in the washroom. When she finally arrives, she witnesses the ensuing rituals and her envy escalates. Armaan then ceremoniously places an anklet around Aasma’s ankles while down on his knees. Armaan promises Deepak he will take care of Aasma, amplifying Alia’s feelings of jealousy and madness. Keep reading.


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