YRKKH Love strikes Abhimanyu; Akshara questions his feelings

YRKKH Love strikes Abhimanyu; Akshara questions his feelings

YRKKH Love strikes Abhimanyu; Akshara questions his feelings. Akshara apologizes to Abhir after running into him outside his school. She explains that she had become very upset when he had taken it upon themselves to set her up on a date with Abhimanyu, despite knowing how much it would hurt her to move on from the memories of his father. She was also aware that this was his dad’s wish and thus reluctantly agreed. After confirming with the lawyer, Abhimanyu decides to talk to Akshara and upon hearing his call, Abhir asks for his help. Mahima is adamant that the builder won’t go unpunished should their investor pull out while Anand laments over people who disappear when you need them most.

Abhimanyu apologizes to Abhir for not being able to help him, and Abhir says fine and decides to ask his mother instead. Akshara then shows up and inquires of Abhir if he has spoken to Abhimanyu. He tells her that he was busy trying to tackle some issues at the hospital, and sought her legal assistance. Akshara suspects he is lying but he insists it is true. She contemplates whether she should go as it may appear odd, however, something is certainly wrong. Just then she receives a call from someone who needs a lawyer. Abhimanyu’s attempts to find one are futile, leaving them wondering who they could find at such short notice.


She picks up the phone and asks if she can be of assistance. Abhimanyu tells Mahima that Akshara is a lawyer, to which she inquires if she can handle the case. Akshara responds with assurance that she will do her best to make sure the meeting does not have to be canceled. Aarohi gives her the file with pertinent details concerning the case. Abhimanyu explains that the builder is only seeking to agitate them. Anand and Aarohi depart for work while Rohan offers to contact an investor and return. Parth tells the supplier that he has put in a lot of hard work and hence, should have access to the rights snatched by Abhimanyu. Nevertheless, he is content with them joining forces as he handed the tender over. Gulati then informs him that he has to give him half of the profits and Mahima witnesses their conversation, yet fails to comprehend it.

Aarohi arrives and inquires about the surgery’s outcome. She then instructs them to set up the projector in the conference room for the investors’ arrival. Abhimanyu spots Akshara’s dress getting torn and remembers the past. As he watches the investors drawing near, he rushes over to her saying she should put on his coat; there was no time to panic as her kurta was tattered. Although she resists, he tries to persuade her until everyone is seated. Apologizing for not being around earlier, Abhimanyu insists on assisting Akshara while standing close beside her.

The investor says he’s impressed by the strategy. With everyone smiling and Abhimanyu thanking them, Akshara and Abhimanyu joyfully dance. Akshara thanks him for saving the day, but he instead thanks her before insisting she take his jacket. Showing her appreciation with chocolates, Akshara accepts the gift and gracefully puts it on before bidding him goodbye. Abhimanyu is making the house model and recollecting Akshara who arrives and queries why he was thinking about her and why he assisted her in the discussion. He vehemently denies having any affection for her but Shefali appears and inquires if it’s due to Akshara. Abhir believes that adults don’t do anything and hinder him from doing anything. He wishes for his parents’ union.


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