Anupama Anuj birthday twist Anupama breaks the news

Anupama Anuj birthday twist Anupama breaks the news

Anupama Anuj birthday twist Anupama breaks the news. Anuj glances at the file, wondering if it was the one Anupama had been referring to. Just then, Anu arrives and reminds him of her homework, so he places the file back in the drawer and fetches her book. Anupama shows ghungroos to Malti who identifies her as Anupama, much to her delight. She exclaims her name excitedly before explaining how Malti had come to Samar’s wedding. She narrates the incidents and asks Malti to recall them. Malti remembers her actions and vows to take revenge. She sobs and exclaims that even though she tried her best to keep Anupama’s children away from her, the latter is still so good to her despite her wrongdoings.

Even referring to herself as a black spot, Malti apologizes for not respecting their relationship. But Anupama reassures her that even teachers are allowed to make mistakes. Anuj eavesdrops on their conversation and believes it is best if Malti leaves. When called by his name, he abruptly follows his thoughts. Lastly, Malti offers an apology one last time which is accepted by Anupama with forgiving grace. Anuj informs Anupama that Malti was able to recall her and recognize her, to which Anupama replies not to put pressure on her.


Barkha has a different stand on this, pointing out that Malti had tried to hurt her yet she wants to assist her. Anupama then mentions that everyone deserves a second chance, citing Adhik and Romil as examples. To avoid further argument Pakhi suggests discussing the birthday plans of Anuj. Anuj suggests having the party in his style and Romil offers to assist Pakhi. Adhik, however, insists that help is not necessary. Pakhi states that they will need everyone’s assistance. Barkha points out the consequences of Malti being present at the party and Anupama ponders the thought. Anupama scans the file.

Glancing at the child’s photo, she starts to consider if it might be Malti’s offspring. She then makes her way towards Malti, who implores Anupama for her forgiveness and admits to having done wrong. In response, Anupama expresses that she is not eager for Malti to recollect the bad experiences, inquiring if she can ask a question before waving the snapshot in front of her. Malti remembers her husband reassuring her that he would never have kept her from dancing, but if she saw her son as a hindrance then he could take charge of him. Tears streaming down her face, Malti protests that he is her son.

Anupama wishes to find her son and unite them. Anupama packs the gifts, and when Anuj inquires what she is doing, she tells him it is a surprise that awaits him later. Anuj remarks that he has already seen it, to which she responds with a compliment about his being a lovely husband. He attempts to romance her, but she reminds him that somebody might witness it. Anuj nonchalantly replies to let them see before placing a kiss on her forehead, just as he inches closer for another one something catches his eye and prompts him to inform Anupama.

Anupama requests Kanha ji to reunite Malti with her son. Anuj expresses his reluctance for her presence at his birthday and shuts the door upon seeing her fast asleep. As the party begins, he remarks that they should wait for his mom. To Anupama’s surprise, she discovers something at the orphanage and returns home in distress, clutching the snapshot in her grasp. When Anuj views her distressed return, it leaves us incredulous about what she has come to know.


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