Titli Garv new avatar Megha to create a love triangle

Titli Garv new avatar Megha to create a love triangle

Titli Garv new avatar Megha to create a love triangle. Garv trudges down the road, tears streaming down his face. All the memories flood back as he pours a bucket of ice over himself. The man declares his loss to him and Garv tries to reassure him, although he’s forgotten his wallet, that he will double the money. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go well and he takes a beating. Megha arrives and confronts the man. She orders him to go away and gives him money. Titli then calls for Garv, and Dhara apologizes for the situation. Titli insists that this issue should be kept between them all, and Maina teases that Titli will lose Garv.

Garv reassures her that he will return the money, and Megha adds that it was just a way of helping out. Reassured by this, Titli states no one can come between them, and they are together; once again calling for Garv. Dhara concedes its all because of her fault, but says when he is angry he will not talk to anyone. The group then hear a noise coming from outside; upon investigation they find blood stains on the floor with Garv standing next to them.


Koel arrives, inquiring what’s happened and the sight of blood prompts her to offer aid. Maina reprimands Koel, demanding to stay away from them. Titli mentions that Koel is in need of treatment herself, which only angers Maina more as she points out that it’s because of her that Garv is in such a state. Manikant objects to Maina’s tone towards Koel, with Garv jumping to his guardian’s defence by pushing Titli away and telling her not to interfere. He reminds everyone that it was Koel who raised him. Manikant chastises Garv for his outburst. Garv claps and exclaims his agreement, saying nobody can ever be wrong – it might be the world who are mistaken. He is taken aback when Titli, Koel and Maina label him as weak, and he’s overcome with rage. The three of them become overwhelmed with emotion, while Garv hurls things in fury.


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