Kathaa Ankahee Biggest secret to ruin the wedding

Kathaa Ankahee Biggest secret to ruin the wedding

Kathaa Ankahee Biggest secret to ruin the wedding. Farah remembers talking to Maya about the situation with Ehsan and Viaan. Maya suggests giving Ehsan a sleeping pill to prevent him from seeing Viaan. Farah agrees to assist and gives Ehsan the pill, causing him to fall asleep. After Viaan requests to be notified when Ehsan wakes up, Farah promises to do so. Later, after Viaan leaves, Farah sends a voice message informing him that he left before Ehsan wakes up. Katha receives a call from Viaan, who inquires about her silence. She remembers Teji’s instructions to the worker regarding Aarav’s belongings, but she falsely claims that she is only tired. Upon hearing this, Viaan reassures Katha that he is always there for her and asks her to reach out to him whenever needed. Katha agrees to this.

Reet notices that Katha appears stressed and questions her about it, to which Katha responds by saying she is simply tired. Reet then asks if Teji or Maya has upset her, but Katha denies it. Reet then suggests that they talk things out and offer her support. This catches Katha off guard and she stares at Reet in confusion. In the meantime, Aarav invites Katha to dance with him, but Kavita intervenes and advises her to rest as she seems exhausted. Teji sneaks into Viaan’s room and quietly takes his phone. Later, she apologizes to a sleeping Viaan and exits the room. She meets Maya, who encourages her to use the password to unlock the phone. Teji proudly reveals that she is the only one who knows Viaan’s password.


Together, they search for evidence and discover shocking conversations between Katha and Viaan from previous days. Maya is ecstatic to find information related to Katha and Viaan. Kavita and Kailash become emotional about Katha’s bidaai as Reet records everything on video. Afterward, Reet quickly sends a message to Maya, asking her to gather evidence against Katha to cancel the wedding between Katha and Viaan. Despite her curiosity about the bangle that has arrived for her, Katha is stopped by the Garewals from seeing it. Reet then reveals to everyone that Katha had attempted to see the bangles, which is considered a bad omen. This news shocks Katha while those around her look dismayed.

However, Kailash advises Reet not to be swayed by such superstitions. Maya informs Teji of her plan to gather evidence against Katha-Viaan and use it to end their relationship. Teji expresses concern about Viaan’s potential reaction, fearing that he may not handle the truth well. Maya reassures her that their actions are ultimately for Viaan’s good. Later, Katha wakes from a nightmare calling out Viaan’s name. She confides in Kavita her desire to see him, but Kavita reminds her to follow Teji’s method of building a connection with him. Katha agrees to do so. Kailash and Yuvraj assist Katha in sneaking out of the house to meet Viaan. Her reaction of surprise and joy is quickly interrupted by Kavita’s scolding.

Meanwhile, Farah realizes that Ehsan is missing from his room and alerts Maya. She urges Maya to keep Ehsan out of the situation before ending the call. Upon reaching Viaan’s house, Katha is led inside his room where he questions her about her sudden arrival, leaving her teary-eyed with a longing gaze. Viaan’s surprise brings joy to Katha. Maya obtains CCTV footage of Katha exiting the hotel room with a bag of money, which she reveals to Teji and discusses her plan. Teji appears concerned while Katha wears a content expression during her Haldi ceremony.


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