Kumkum Bhagya Kidnapping twist breaks Pranbir bond

Kumkum Bhagya Kidnapping twist breaks Pranbir bond

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Kumkum Bhagya Kidnapping twist breaks Pranbir bond. The henchman approaches Ranbir and Khushi and hoists her up. Meanwhile, Ranbir receives a call and steps away to take it, as he can’t make out the sound in the noisy surroundings. Akshay gestures to his henchman, who turns to Khushi. Vishaka invites them to sit down and announces that Khushi will be the one breaking the dahi handi. Prachi volunteers to fetch the necessary items for breaking the pot. Just then, Manpreet calls out to Khushi, wondering where she had disappeared off to. With a meaningful glance at Akshay, Vishaka puts on a nonchalant facade. As Ranbir steps outside to answer the call, another one of Akshay’s men attacks him and steals his phone. But Ranbir retaliates quickly by hitting him back and retrieving his phone.

Upon Prachi’s return, she immediately asks for Khushi’s whereabouts. Akshay questions why they haven’t been able to find her yet. Prachi speculates that Khushi may have purposefully hidden herself. Seeking more information, Akshay turns to Abhay and inquires about Ranbir’s whereabouts. Abhay recalls his last encounter with Ranbir, who was seen with an unknown individual. With renewed determination, everyone resumes the search. Inside the room, Prachi urges Khushi to come out and playfully scolds her for causing trouble. After thoroughly searching the room and terrace, Prachi realizes that Khushi is nowhere to be found. She remembers a previous game of hide and seek between Khushi and Ranbir, where she hid in the cupboard and under a blanket on the bed before ultimately winning by scaring him.

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Akshay accuses Ranbir of kidnapping his daughter Khushi. Ranbir responds with disbelief, asking if he is being serious. Akshay insists that he knows Ranbir’s true intention – to keep Khushi away from him and Prachi. Ranbir replies, questioning Akshay’s sanity. Akshay reaffirms his determination to do whatever it takes to get Khushi back, emphasizing that she is his daughter after all. Ranbir argues that Khushi is also his daughter and he would never take her away from Prachi.

Akshay accuses him of pretending to be a good person, but secretly wanting to separate Khushi from her mother and himself. He claims that he overheard Ranbir telling Khushi that he wants them to be a family. In response, Ranbir admits that this is true, but before he can explain further, Prachi interrupts and asks him if Khushi has said she wants to stay with her mother. Ranbir confirms this and wonders why it was wrong for him to say so. Akshay then accuses him of kidnapping Khushi to complete some secret agenda without anyone finding out about it.






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