Kundali Bhagya 20th September 2023 Written Update Nidhi attacks Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 20th September 2023 Written Update Nidhi attacks Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 20th September 2023 Written Update Nidhi attacks Preeta. Preeta goes to Nidhi to know the truth of the enmity. Nidhi takes her aside and threatens her. Preeta is shocked to see the knife. She tricks Nidhi and takes the knife from her hands. She says that she knew Nidhi would do something to harm her. She is already prepared to face Nidhi. She asks Nidhi to just do as she tells her. Nidhi asks what she wants to talk about. Preeta asks why is she after her life. Nidhi denies it. Preeta says that she will confront Nidhi in front of someone. Nidhi asks who is there. She doesn’t know who is the person supporting Preeta. She didn’t know Preeta would come and confront her. She fears that Preeta is going to expose her truth in front of Karan. Preeta takes her to Shrishti. Nidhi thinks Preeta and Shrishti know her truth. Rajveer meets Palki and apologizes to her. He doesn’t want to upset Palki. Keep reading for a full written update on Kundali Bhagya 20th September 2023.

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Gazal feels betrayed by both Ruhan and Gulnaaz, and she knows she must take action. Gulnaaz then convinces Ruhan to go against her, prompting Gazal to grab her by the jaw and issue a threat. However, Gulnaaz slaps away her hand, reminding Gazal that she is not in charge. Nevertheless, Gazal no longer trusts anyone in the house after being supported by Gulnaaz for Ruhan’s sake. She vows to make Gazal, Dua, and Haider pay for interfering with her son. She could easily expose Gazal within a minute if she wanted to – no help needed. Therefore, she refuses to stay in the house or be a part of Haider’s life any longer. Gazal is filled with anxiety at the thought of being caught. She fears that Haider will evict her from their home.

To prevent him from causing further chaos in her life, she believes she must take Ruhan’s life. Anyone else who has attempted to come between her and Haider will also meet the same fate. Meanwhile, Dua reaches out to Ruhan and inquires about his involvement with Haider. He breaks down in tears and abruptly ends the call. Dua’s concern for Haider grows. Ruhan struggles with guilt and is unsure if he should talk to Dua about it. Dua decides to reach out to Haider directly, but he feigns disinterest in speaking with her. She pleads with him, reminding him that Ruhan needs his help at this critical time. Perhaps this is a chance for him to make amends for his actions and set things right again.

Kundali Bhagya 20th September 2023 Written Update Nidhi attacks Preeta:

Shrishti swiftly escorts Preeta away before Karan catches sight of her. Meanwhile, Shambhu arrives and begins to look for Nidhi. Shaurya turns to Shanaya for assistance in choosing an outfit for their upcoming event. Shanaya agrees and they head inside together. Daljeet’s face lights up at the sight of this. In the meantime, Preeta is on a mission to find Nidhi. However, her search is interrupted by Karan’s sudden appearance. He questions her identity and insists that he recognizes her. Disbelievingly, he demands that she unveil herself and reveal her true identity to him. Preeta is taken aback by his words.

Shaurya and Shanaya have a conversation in which Shaurya discloses something personal to her. Shanaya initially wonders if Shaurya is about to propose, but he clarifies that he believes she deserves someone better than Rajveer. However, Shanaya is confused and expresses this to Shaurya. He then asks her to help him choose an outfit, which she does. Just as they finish, Rajveer appears and takes Shanaya away from the scene. Shortly after, Sandy shows up. Rajveer inquires of Shanaya what she was doing in Shaurya’s room, to which she responds that they were simply having a conversation. He reminds her of his previous warning not to talk to Shaurya, but she refuses to let him dictate her actions and asserts that Shaurya is kind to her. Palki overhears their exchange.

Sandy inquires with Shaurya about the situation. Shaurya responds that he is content. Soon, Shanaya arrives and offers to help Shaurya pick out a different outfit. She presents it to him and receives his approval. However, Nidhi witnesses this exchange and becomes upset with Shanaya. Apologetically, Shanaya explains to Shaurya on behalf of Rajveer. In response, Shaurya declares her a princess who deserves her prince charming. He then heads inside to try on the new outfit while Nidhi pulls Shanaya away from the area.

Karan urges Preeta to reveal her true identity. She recalls Shrishti’s words about Karan’s love for her and quickly flees. Karan continues to pursue her. She confronts him, reminding him of his marriage to Nidhi and how his actions are misleading. Rajveer informs Palki that he has been searching for her. Palki questions his motive, to which he responds that he needs to discuss Shanaya with her. He pleads with Palki to keep Shanaya away from Shaurya, but she insists that Shanaya will follow her heart. Confused by Rajveer’s concern for Shanaya, Palki asks him why it matters so much to him. He confesses that he cares for Shanaya and leaves the conversation there, leaving Palki puzzled by his words.

Nidhi informs Shanaya that she is aware of her intentions and instructs her to stay within boundaries. In response, Shanaya states that she will not communicate with Shaurya. Nidhi then departs from the location. Later, Shanaya confides in Daljeet, revealing that Nidhi disrespected her, and confidently declares her ability to triumph in the challenge. Karan informs Rishabh that Preeta is one of the women who came dressed as Radha. He adds that he sensed her presence and decided to review the CCTV footage. Shrishti overhears this exchange and Nidhi is surprised to see Shambhu. He assures her that he never intended to harm anyone and reveals that Preeta is currently at the Luthra house, searching for someone.


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