Junooniyatt Dangerous twist strikes Ilahi and Jahaan

Junooniyatt Dangerous twist strikes Ilahi and Jahaan

Junooniyatt Dangerous twist strikes Ilahi and Jahaan. Jordan purposefully embraces Ilahi from behind, hoping to anger Jahaan. Once Jahaan notices, he quickly rushes over to attack Jordan, accidentally exposing his identity in the process. Ilahi is taken aback by Jahaan’s sudden appearance. Bodyguards immediately come to shield him from any harm. In an attempt to distract them, Jordan shouts Jahaan’s name. He then asks Ilahi to look at the situation objectively, as it is the truth about Jahaan. Despite Jordan’s instigation against him, Jahaan manages to reach Ilahi and intervene before things escalate further. She confronts him about why he never told her that he was Sultan. In response, Jahaan explains that it is a matter of his mother’s life and that Jordan brought it up first in their conversation.

He made a deal with Jordan because he loves both Ilahi and Dolly unconditionally in his life. That is why he asked Jordan for a divorce – he couldn’t bear to see her suffer at Jordan’s hands any longer. His intentions were purely out of concern for her well-being. Jordan argues that Jahaan is lying and warns Ilahi not to believe him blindly. Ilahi explains to Jordan that she is not a mere plaything and she is certainly not gullible enough to fall for his false words. She can discern between truth and lies.


She is glad to know that Jahaan has become Sultan, which was his lifelong dream. She expresses her gratitude towards Jahaan for breaking off the deal with Jordan, who she believes does not deserve the position of Sultan as he attained it through deceitful means. Ilahi claims that Jordan lacks the ability to truly love someone and instead, enjoys stealing the affection of others. In Jahaan’s pursuit of Dolly, her feelings for him only grew stronger. This news took Jordan by surprise. As the thugs prepare to engage in a battle, Jordan declares to Jahaan and Ilahi that he will not let them come together or find happiness together. He is determined to make their lives a living hell.

In response, Ilahi remarks that she previously believed Jordan was foolish but now sees that he also lacks any semblance of common sense. As the thug pulls the trigger, Ilahi frantically searches for his friend Jahaan. Meanwhile, Jahaan is also searching for Ilahi amidst the chaos. Suddenly, the police apprehend one of the thugs who reveals that they are holding numerous hostages, including Jordan and Ilahi. Overwhelmed with relief upon seeing his friend, Jahaan cries out to Ilahi. However, their reunion is short-lived as the thugs continue to threaten innocent civilians.

Without hesitation, Jahaan causes a distraction in order to enter and rescue Ilahi. Unfortunately, the police inform them that there are many people trapped inside and they cannot allow anyone to enter. In a desperate attempt to escape from their captors, one of the girls gets shot by one of the goons. The shocking sight leaves Jahaan speechless as he realizes that he must take action.


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