Kathaa Ankahee Maya to question Katha’s character

Kathaa Ankahee Maya to question Katha's character

Kathaa Ankahee Maya to question Katha’s character. Viaan notices Katha’s troubled expression and inquires about the cause. Katha reveals that she had a recurring nightmare, which used to often resurface when Aarav was sick. Viaan asks to share the real reason behind her worry, and Katha admits that despite Teji slowly growing fond of Aarav, she is concerned about how he will adjust after her marriage. Meanwhile, Maya is at the hotel requesting access to the footage from the night Katha and Viaan spent together. However, the manager informs her that they do not keep old video files for too long and have already deleted it. This news brings disappointment to Maya.

As Maya arrives home, Teji inquires about her search for evidence against Katha. Maya reports that she had attempted, but to no avail. This implies that Katha is indeed innocent. She urges Teji to accept Katha as her daughter-in-law. Teji questions how she can do so knowing it is beyond her capability. However, Maya insists they have no alternative. Viaan then leads Katha to a specially prepared room for himself and Aarav, assuring her of their acceptance into their family. To further impress Katha, Viaan surprises her by naming a star after her. Overwhelmed, she asks what she can offer in return for his kindness. Viaan simply states that sharing her life with him is more than enough for him.


Witnessing their interaction, Ehsan feels joyous. Teji’s disappointment prompts Maya to laugh and question whether she truly believed she had lost, as that had never happened before. Teji explains that it was Maya who had previously claimed to have no evidence against Katha. She adds that Ehsan had been secretly monitoring them, which led her to deceive him by claiming she couldn’t find anything incriminating against Katha. She recalls enlisting a technician to recover deleted files and notes that she also procured the CCTV footage. Maya proceeds to play the footage for Teji, revealing that Katha had engaged in a one-night stand with Viaan for money. They agree to use this information at the opportune moment. Meanwhile, Ehsan demands a bachelor party from Viaan, but he dismisses the idea later.


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