Kumkum Bhagya 22nd September 2023 Written Update Ranbir suspects Akshay

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd September 2023 Written Update Ranbir suspects Akshay. Prachi argues with Ranbir to know about Khushi. Ranbir says that he has not done anything wrong. He tries to prove his innocence. Later, he wonders how Akshay knew

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd September 2023 Written Update Ranbir suspects Akshay. Prachi argues with Ranbir to know about Khushi. Ranbir says that he has not done anything wrong. He tries to prove his innocence. Later, he wonders how Akshay knew about that person, whose face wasn’t seen in the CCTV footage. He concludes that Akshay is aware of the kidnapper. He wants to inform Prachi that Akshay is behind the kidnapping. Akshay says that Prachi has cheated on him and now she will bear the pain.

Earlier in the show, Prachi praises Akshay for fulfilling the role of a father, which has resulted in him legally becoming Khushi’s father. Ranbir urges her to depart, not wanting her to have any future regret or say anything hurtful. Prachi encourages him to speak, but only if he knows where their daughter is. She expresses distress over not being able to spend time with Khushi before she was separated from her, and having to send her off to a hostel for her good. Ranbir laments that Prachi has been unfortunate as a mother, as she didn’t get the opportunity to share a life with her daughter.


Ranbir assures Prachi that their pain is the same, as they both love Khushi dearly. He acknowledges her dedication to Khushi and expresses his desire to shower her with love. However, Prachi confronts him about Khushi’s whereabouts, but Ranbir blames her lack of trust for their current separation. Determined to find Khushi herself, Prachi declares that she will not let Ranbir meet their daughter until she does. In response, Ranbir firmly states that Khushi is his daughter and he will not allow her to see Prachi even once when he finds her. Stay tuned and keep reading for a full written update on Kumkum Bhagya 22nd September 2023.

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd September 2023 Written Update Ranbir suspects Akshay:

Prachi cautions Ranbir that once she locates Khushi, she won’t let him have even a moment with her, and then walks away. Ranbir retaliates, reminding Prachi that Khushi is his daughter as well, and declares that he won’t permit anyone to see her. Meanwhile, the thugs discuss Khushi’s state of unconsciousness. Rana informs his partner that he drugged Khushi to make her sleep. At the same time, Akshay arrives to meet Rana. Akshay inquires about Khushi’s whereabouts from Rana, who replies that she is currently sleeping. As Rana asks Akshay for the money, he admits to forgetting it.

Meanwhile, Khushi regains consciousness and calls out for Prachi. In response, both Rana and Akshay conceal themselves from her. While this is happening, Rana’s accomplice discreetly injects Khushi with a knock-out drug. Seeing this, Akshay reminds the kidnapper to handle Khushi with care. The kidnapper assures him and then requests Akshay to bring the money he owes him. After agreeing to do so, Akshay eventually leaves.

Akshay arrives at the police station and approaches Ranbir. He asks him, in front of the inspector, about Khushi’s whereabouts. Akshay puts on the facade of being concerned for Khushi and informs the inspector that he is now considered her first parent since she is from an orphanage. Ranbir questions why Akshay is accusing him. However, Akshay brushes off Ranbir’s inquiry and makes a swift exit. Ranbir reflects on the events and wonders about Akshay’s certainty that the individual who spoke to him is not a member of the dance troupe. He surmises that Akshay might know Khushi’s kidnapper.

Prachi ponders Ranbir’s actions, wondering how he could have done such a thing. Akshay then asks if she is still contemplating the reasoning behind his actions. He reminds Prachi of a universal rule – wherever there is a child, the mother always follows. According to Akshay, Ranbir executed this rule effectively to obtain Khushi. He assures Prachi that Ranbir only kidnapped Khushi for her sake and manages to convince her of his words. Ultimately, Prachi trusts Akshay’s words. Ranbir pleads with the inspector to believe his innocence and requests to be allowed some peace. The inspector in turn instructs the constable to relocate Ranbir to a different cell, as he has been causing a disturbance while in his current one. Following the order, the constable escorts Ranbir out of the cell.

Akshay and Prachi arrive at the police station. Prachi inquires with Ranbir about the whereabouts of her daughter. Ranbir denies kidnapping their daughter and urges Prachi to not solely suspect him. He suggests that she also consider those around her for any leads. Akshay remarks on Ranbir’s statement while Prachi adds her comment before leaving. Ranbir’s cellmate then requests the inspector to place him in the same cell as Ranbir, promising to explain the rules there. The constable complies and returns Ranbir to his cell. From there, the cellmate offers his assistance to Ranbir. Mihika expresses her worries about Ranbir to Vishaka, who suggests that she listen to her heart. Mihika adds that she believes it is the most appropriate course of action to assist Ranbir.

Vishaka concurs with her. Rana is trying to reach Akshay regarding the money. Prachi reminds Akshay to answer the call. After picking up, Rana inquires about the money. Akshay denies it and ends the call abruptly. Prachi questions Akshay about the call, and he comes up with an excuse. Despite multiple attempts, Rana cannot get through to Akshay, causing frustration for Rana. Ranbir reassures his cellmate that he doesn’t require assistance and expresses his faith in the justice system. However, his cellmate cautions him not to rely too heavily on the law and reminds him of the consequences if the missing child isn’t found within 48 hours. Ranbir becomes anxious upon hearing this.

As Mihika meets Ranbir, he questions the reason for her visit. She responds, stating her intention to help get him out of jail. However, Ranbir informs her that nothing can be done at the moment. Pallavi then berates Mihika for her insincere concern, but Ranbir defends her and asks Pallavi not to scold her. Reminding Ranbir of how their family landed him in jail before, Pallavi’s words only add to his stress. He urges Mihika to leave, as there is nothing she can do.


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