Anupama Agony for Anuj Malti faces harsh reaction

Anupama Agony for Anuj Malti faces harsh reaction

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Anupama Agony for Anuj Malti faces a harsh reaction. Anupama explains to Anuj that she had previously mentioned the file she found among Malti’s belongings and shows him a photo of it. She had intended to tell him yesterday but wasn’t able to. She believes that it was meant for him to find out today. She explains that while on her way to the orphanage, she had placed the photo in her purse and unintentionally gave it to Sushma along with the check. Sushma recognized you from the photo when it fell out. Anupama also shares that when she asked Sushma for proof, she provided your birth certificate, as well as a receipt of Malti giving you up for adoption and donation receipts from over the years. This information causes Malti to cry, and Anuj looks at her tenderly. Anupama hopes for their union.

Adhik remarks that if it surprises them, they cannot imagine how much it will shock Anuj. Anu inquires about the situation. Kavya discloses that Malti is her grandmother. Anu’s face lights up with joy. Anupama shares with Devi that even though she was not aware of his identity, her heart always knew that Anuj was her son, as evident from how she referred to him as such. Anupama expresses to Anuj that, in the past, he often yearned for his late parents and believed that God had sent his mother to him. She recalls how Yashoda was taken away and Devki was returned, a moment she deems as the most beautiful. Malti inquires if Anuj is her son, to which Anupama confirms.

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Overcome with emotion, Anupama reveals that she had embroidered an ‘A’ on his clothes unknowingly, yet her heart knew he was her son. Touching Anuj’s cheek, Malti says “My son”. Smiling through tears, Anupama too becomes emotional. However, upon hearing this, Anuj is taken aback. He stops Malti and asks her to stay away from him as he does not see her as his mother.

Anupama inquires about your words. Anuj acknowledges that he now comprehends the source of his pain upon seeing her and feeling both restless and hateful at the sound of her voice. Anupama reminds him that she is his mother, to which Anuj retorts that a true mother would never abandon their child in an orphanage. He sarcastically refers to her as the great Malti Devi. Malti then declares that he is indeed her son.

Anuj emphasizes that he cannot accept Malti as his mother even once. He reminds her of the significance of a mother in his life but after meeting Malti, it has become a curse for him. His words leave Malti in shock. Vanraj empathizes with Anuj’s feelings and admits to not having any right to say anything. He asks Malti to give him some time to process this information. Anuj then questions how much time he should give her when he has already given her over forty years of his life. He clarifies that while Anupama may have told him Malti is his mother, he wants to inform Malti that being a mother goes beyond giving birth – it is about providing maternal love to a child.

He expresses to Malti that she is a stranger to him and that she has never written to him or shown any concern for his well-being. He wants her to explain her reasons behind this. Vanraj urges him to hear her out. However, Anuj states that he wants no connection with her, not even one of animosity, as she does not deserve it. He tells Anupama that Malti never turned back or bothered to see him. He thanks Anupama for inquiring and uncovering all of this information. Although she may believe that this is a joyous moment for him, he clarifies that it is the most painful and agonizing experience for him. He acknowledges Anupama’s motherly qualities, having seen how she cares for children who are not her own, and contrasts this with Malti’s behavior. Anupama is left speechless.






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