Barsatein Jai enters Aradhna’s life Reyansh turns jealous

Barsatein Jai enters Aradhna's life Reyansh turns jealous

Barsatein Jai enters Aradhna’s life Reyansh turns jealous. Aradhana ponders on the whereabouts of the letter, whether it was left in Khanna’s mansion or in the file she had given to Viren. With growing concern, she hopes that the letter remains undiscovered. Despite Reyansh’s pleas for her to calm down, she demands him to stop the car. Frustrated with him, she yells at him. Reyansh is blamed for all her sufferings and she declares that she will never love him. He tries to explain that he has no expectations from her but his words only fuel Aradhana’s anger. She refuses to discuss the matter and threatens Reyansh, causing him to stop the car. Deeply regretting her decision to travel with Reyansh, Aradhana gets out of the car while he drives off. Reyansh opts not to check on Aradhana as she questions God for bringing him into her life. She resolves to reach her destination independently, but ends up taking a wrong turn.

Meanwhile, Reyansh frets over Aradhana’s well-being and decides to go back to where he left her to accompany her. However, when Aradhana tries to seek assistance through the helpline number, she is unable to connect with anyone. To her surprise, she encounters a group of menacing goons who suggest spending time with them. Despite refusing and even threatening them, Aradhana is pursued by the goons as she runs away in fear. Her anxiety continues to escalate. Reyansh is taken aback when he doesn’t find Aradhana where he left her. His mind immediately goes to her safety. Meanwhile, she falls onto a car as it speeds towards her. A concerned man steps out of the car and notices that Aradhana is being followed by some goons. He offers his help, but she declines it.


The goons themselves tell him to leave, saying they can handle Aradhana on their own. However, she starts fighting back against them. The man stays and observes the altercation between Aradhana and the goons. Reyansh starts to panic when he realizes that Aradhana’s phone is unreachable. Aradhana is powerless against the goons, but her determination to not accept help from a stranger remains unwavering. However, when the goons attempt to forcibly take her away, she changes her mind and accepts the unknown man’s aid. He bravely fights off the goons and they are eventually apprehended. Grateful, Aradhana introduces herself to the stranger who reveals his name is Jai. He kindly offers to drop her off at her intended destination, which she gratefully accepts.

Reyansh chooses to inquire with Viren regarding Aradhana’s location and dial his phone number. However, he notices her driving by in a car. Despite calling her, Aradhana does not answer. Later, she expresses frustration about Reyansh to Jai. Jai encourages her to pick up Reyansh’s call. Reluctantly, Aradhana answers, and Jai proceeds to mock Reyansh before ending the call. This amuses Aradhana greatly and she thanks him for making her laugh. Meanwhile, Reyansh becomes increasingly irritated with Aradhana’s behavior. Jai compliments Aradhana on the call.


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