Kathaa Ankahee Past secret to ruin Katha’s Wedding

Kathaa Ankahee Past secret to ruin Katha's Wedding

Kathaa Ankahee Past secret to ruin Katha’s Wedding. Teji asks Maya to show the CCTV footage to Kailash and stop Katha-Viaan’s wedding. However, Maya declines and reminds Teji that their priority should be to expose Katha. She suggests that they come up with a plan to protect Viaan, and then gives a sly smile in Aarav’s direction. Teji looks puzzled. Just then, Katha emerges from her room. Yuvraj tells her about Kailash’s decision to divide his and Aditya’s property between Katha and Aarav. Reet and her brother are shocked and angry. Katha turns down the gift and questions Yuvraj about Kailash’s whereabouts. Yuvraj reveals Kailash’s plans to her.

Despite Kavita and Yuvraj’s pleas for her to accept the gift, Katha remains resolute in her decision not to take it. This makes Katha upset. Upon showing Aarav his new room, Viaan evokes an emotional response from him. Shortly after, Vanya joins them and together they make plans to spend time in the newly decorated space. The haldi ceremony commences and Teji shares her fear of losing Viaan, to which he assures her it won’t happen. Teji then applies haldi on Viaan’s face. As other guests like Farah and Ehsan arrive, they join in on the festivities by applying haldi on Viaan as well.


In a moment of excitement, Vanya accidentally gets some haldi on Ehsan’s hand causing him to stare intensely at her while she responds with a smile. Maya pulls Aarav aside and confides in him that parents often hide things from their children, despite teaching them the importance of honesty. Later, before the Haldi ceremony begins, Aarav meets with Katha and implores her to promise that she and Viaan will always be truthful with him. Katha is taken aback but agrees to Aarav’s request. As Maya observes their exchange, she can’t help but smirk. The haldi ceremony for Katha starts.

Meanwhile, Ajit vents his frustration to Reet about Kailash’s decision. Reet manages to calm him down. Maya then discusses with Kavita the emotional turmoil a mother experiences watching her daughter get married. Kavita is unsure of what Maya means and decides to excuse herself from the conversation. Reet constantly urges Maya to take action and dissolve the marriage alliance between Katha and Viaan. However, Maya responds with mocking remarks, causing Reet to storm off in frustration. Before the next ceremony begins, Ajit makes a crude comment about Katha, prompting Yuvraj to warn him.

Katha observes silently as she and Viaan prepare for their wedding. Later on, Maya reminds Reet of her ability to break up the marriage between Katha and Viaan. Reet then informs Yuvraj about the one-night stand that had occurred between Katha and Viaan. As they both perform the rituals together, Yuvraj watches on with anger boiling within him, thinking that Viaan has blackmailed Katha.


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