1 magical moment YRKKH begins amazing twists

1 magical moment YRKKH begins amazing twists

1 magical moment YRKKH begins amazing twists. At the park, Akshara surprises Abhimanyu with a heartfelt proposal. The crowd applauds as they make room for the happy couple. Meanwhile, Mahima’s frustration towards Parth grows and she reveals to the Birlas that he tampered with CCTV footage, making it difficult to press charges against him. She reflects on her past actions and expresses concern for Shivansh’s well-being. Aarohi urges Mahima to be honest with Shivansh about Parth’s actions. Abhimanyu inquires with Akshara regarding the proposal, questioning whether she made the decision based on their family.

He expresses his concern that his feelings may have influenced her choice. Akshara clarifies that while his feelings did play a role, there were other factors at play. She mentions wanting to provide a complete family for Abhir as one of the reasons for wanting to marry Abhimanyu. They discuss the possibility of Akshara having difficulty moving on from Abhinav’s memory and agree to support each other if needed. Ultimately, they decide to marry each other. Akshara tells Abhir about her upcoming marriage to Abhimanyu. He expresses his gratitude to Akshara. Meanwhile, Abhimanyu shares the news with Manjiri who is overjoyed and offers prayers to God.


Seeing how much happiness this union brings, Abhimanyu commits to keeping Akshara happy. The Birlas and Goenkas shower their blessings on the couple. However, Muskaan seems dissatisfied with the news. Kairav asks Aarohi to consider whose side she will support – the Goenkas or the Birlas. After careful thought, Aarohi decides to stand by the groom’s side. This ultimately leads to Abhir accepting Abhimanyu as his father, bringing immense joy to everyone involved. Abhir calls him Dadda and hugs him. Akshara and Abhimanyu have agreed on a simple marriage, but their families have different ideas. Suhasini questions whether Akshara can make Abhimanyu happy and urges her to match his love. This leaves Akshara feeling overwhelmed and uncertain.


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