Bhagya Lakshmi 25th September 2023 Written Update Heartbreaking

Bhagya Lakshmi 25th September 2023 Written Update Heartbreaking

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Bhagya Lakshmi 25th September 2023 Written Update Heartbreaking. Rishi informs Lakshmi that she has expressed her thoughts, but he has made a final decision to leave his home with her. Dadi remarks to Neelam that she has caused a disaster. Virender urges Dadi not to interfere with Rishi’s decision. Dadi suggests accepting Lakshmi as their daughter-in-law, stating that she is deserving of the title. Virender asserts that they cannot allow a mother to be separated from her son. Neelam silently leaves the scene. Malishka pleads with Rishi, but he stands aside as Neelam exits. Rishi seeks reassurance from Dadi on his choice, to which she nods in agreement.

Overcome with emotion, Rishi embraces Dadi and then turns to hug Virender. He attempts to seek Karishma’s blessings, but she stops him indignantly. Rishi turns to each member of his family, asking them to fulfill a specific request. He apologizes sincerely to Abhay and Kiran for any pain he may have caused and asks Sonia to take care of their mother. In turn, Sonia begs him not to leave, but Rishi remains resolute. He then turns to Ayush and tearfully asks him to be the next Rishi after he is gone, knowing that Ayush will take good care of everyone. As Ayush embraces him in tears and offers to go with him, Rishi reminds him of his important role in taking care of their loved ones.

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Finally, Rishi bids a tearful farewell to Neelam and holds Lakshmi’s hand as they prepare to leave. Malishka can’t help but cry at the sight of Rishi leaving. Neelam watches silently as Rishi chooses Lakshmi over her once again, causing her immense heartache. She breaks down on the floor while Karishma and Ayush try to console her. Meanwhile, Shalu and Bani also leave but do not want Rishi to depart from his beloved family.

Rishi responded by pointing out that the same struggles she had faced in the past, he was now facing. He acknowledged how many times she had to leave alone and how she always prioritized his happiness. Now, it was his turn to return the favor and protect her and their love. Lakshmi reminded him of the promise he made not to reveal their love to anyone. However, Rishi explained that he had no choice and had to share the truth. He weighed what was more important to her – keeping their secret or preserving their lives.

He addresses Lakshmi, expressing understanding of her reasons for refusing, and asks if she doubts the sincerity of his love. He assures her that his feelings for her are genuine and unlike anything he has experienced before. He reveals that she is the reason for his happiness and life. Ayush appears, informing Neelam is distraught. Rishi proclaims Neelam’s love for him to be strong. At Lakshmi’s request, he refuses to enter the room as it may upset his mother further. He resolves not to change his mind and burden his mother further. Despite Lakshmi’s pleas for him to come inside, he does not want to cause more distress to his mother or himself. Ayush informs Rishi that the situation has changed.

However, Rishi reminds him that they both know Neelam better than anyone else. Ayush questions if he wants to manipulate Karishma’s emotions to gain her acceptance of Lakshmi, but expresses doubt that she will ever approve. Rishi advises Ayush to enter the house alone, as it is now his responsibility to handle the situation. Ayush counters that he cannot live without his brother, feeling lost and invisible without him. Lakshmi interjects, reassuring Ayush that he must take on this new responsibility and try to convince Rishi to return home. Ayush pleads with Rishi not to leave him, but Rishi states he is merely passing on the responsibility and instructs him to go inside. Ayush promises Lakshmi that he will always be there for them, and Rishi urges him to take care of himself and Lakshmi.






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