Kavya 25th September 2023 Written Update Kavya's journey

Kavya 25th September 2023 Written Update Kavya’s journey

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Kavya 25th September 2023 Written Update Kavya’s journey. Kavya prepares a mock interview with Shubh’s help. Both Kavya and Shubh share a common dream of acing the interview and becoming IAS officers. As they sit together in the car, they take a moment to video call their families for some much-needed support and encouragement. Their loved ones shower them with words of luck, confidence, and plans for their future wedding after cracking the interview. Kavya’s father reminds them to keep calm and not let nerves get the better of them. After bidding farewell to their families, Kavya and Shubh find themselves stuck in traffic. That’s when Kavya notices a man at the edge of a terrace, seemingly ready to jump. The sight triggers memories of a past suicide case for Kavya.

Without hesitation, she asks Shubh to go as this is his last chance at the interview while she rushes towards the construction site to offer her help to the distressed individual named Vimal. Kavya ascends the stairs, eager to find out why Vimal is considering suicide. He warns her to stay away, as he intends to jump. Undeterred, Kavya pleads with him to at least disclose the reason behind his drastic decision. Vimal reluctantly reveals that he became entangled in a government scheme and his loan was not approved. Without hesitation, Kavya reaches out to Shubh’s father for help and obtains the contact information of the company’s chairman. She confidently calls the chairman Mr. Kailash and introduces herself as an IAS aspirant, explaining the dire circumstances surrounding Vimal’s life and death situation. To her relief, Kailash agrees to grant the loan.

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Grateful, Vimal expresses his thanks while Kavya cautions him against going through with it as his loved ones would suffer immensely. With a sense of accomplishment, Kavya leaves as everyone cheers for her bravery. She quickly makes her way to her interview appointment with a renewed sense of determination and optimism. Kavya approached the coordinator for information about her interview call. Upon learning that she has a chance, Shubh expresses concern about her. Kavya assures him, mentioning how she saved a life. Impressed, Shubh praises her. As she heads in for the interview, Kavya is shocked to discover that Mr. Kailash, the chairman of the loan company, is conducting it.

Despite feeling upset, Kavya maintains a confident demeanor and answers all questions with ease. Kailash then attempts to interrogate her about her employment history and lateness. In response, Kavya offers a valid explanation. She also shares why she is passionate about becoming an IAS officer – to wield power and assist those in need. She narrates a heartbreaking incident involving her sister’s suicide after being scammed as a doctor, leaving her parents without any answers. For Kavya, achieving this position means being able to make a difference and give people a voice. The interview concludes shortly after Kavya’s impassioned response. A month later, Kavya’s parents instruct her to prepare for her engagement with Shubh. Her father becomes despondent when he thinks about his older daughter.

However, Kavya attempts to lift everyone’s spirits. Soon after, Shubh’s family arrives for the engagement ceremony. He reassures Kavya not to worry about the outcome as they will still be together even if she fails. In return, Kavya assures him that she will stand by him even if he gets rejected. The group rejoices and the engagement ceremony takes place. Just as they receive news that the results are out, Kavya discovers that she has passed her exams. However, when Shubh checks his results, he becomes upset and throws his phone in disappointment. Upon reading his results, Kavya shares in his sorrow and tries to comfort him as he leaves feeling disheartened about his failure.






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