2 Heroic acts Ghum Hai Kisikey Ishaan Savi in action

2 Heroic acts Ghum Hai Kisikey Ishaan Savi in action

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2 Heroic acts Ghum Hai Kisikey Ishaan Savi in action. Isha is appalled by Kiran’s actions, questioning how he could defame Savi before coming to college. She insists that Savi should file a police case. Isha then proceeds to call Savi and urges her to step out of the house to make a complaint with the police. Meanwhile, Harini makes a bed on the floor for Savi and Kiran demands that she bring him food. However, Harini refuses and demands an apology from Kiran to Savi instead. This refusal greatly wounds Kiran’s ego, causing him to violently attack Harini. Upon hearing Harini’s cries, Savi quickly ends her call and rushes to help her. She pleads with Harini to open the door while Kiran orders her not to interfere in their affairs.

Ignoring his command, Savi breaks down the door and intervenes before Kiran can harm Harini further. She sternly warns him against his actions and threatens to involve the authorities if he continues this behavior. After Kiran’s father hits him, Kiran walks away. He then pleads with Savi not to report him and assures her that they will keep Harini safe. Understanding the situation, Harini also asks Savi to consider her father-in-law’s request, as she doesn’t want her son to be labeled as the culprit’s child. With this in mind, Savi informs Kiran’s parents that this is their final opportunity to help Kiran change his ways.

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Harini persuades Savi to join them at Isha’s house. Concerned for Savi, Isha confides in Shantanu and they decide to visit her. Savi later contacts Isha, reassuring her not to worry. Upon hearing this, Isha informs Shantanu that Savi will be joining them at their place. However, on her way, Savi is abducted by a group of goons and taken to their hideout. As Ishaan passes by, he hears cries for help and enters the hideout to rescue Savi from the goons’ clutches.






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