Kumkum Bhagya Akshay attacks Prachi Spoilers Udaariyaan Imlie

Kumkum Bhagya Akshay attacks Prachi Spoilers Udaariyaan Imlie

Kumkum Bhagya Akshay attacks Prachi Spoilers Udaariyaan Imlie. Vishaka calls Akshay and tells him that Ranbir’s phone is getting traced, and soon they will know his location. He enquires what location did they find. Vishaka says that Ranbir is in Bakshi Chawl. Akshay is shocked to know that Prachi is also coming there. He doesn’t want to get caught by Prachi. He asks Rano to take Khushi away. Prachi reaches the chawl house and finds Khushi captive by Rana. She doesn’t see Akshay behind her. Akshay is left with no option but to hit Prachi to make her unconscious. He attacks Prachi with a stick. Prachi falls unconscious. Akshay holds her in his arms. At the same moment, Ranbir and Surya break open the door and get inside. Will they find Prachi and Khushi captive by Akshay and Rana? Keep reading.



Agastya notices Amrit leaving the house at night and decides to follow him. He spots Amrit stopping at a temple, where he prays for Agastya’s well-being. After witnessing this, Agastya feels remorseful for doubting Amrit. Meanwhile, Imlie prepares for her performance. As Amrit reminisces about seeing Agastya trailing him and successfully deceiving him, he arrives at the venue to watch Imlie’s show. However, Imlie’s reaction is not what he expected as she becomes upset upon seeing him and heads towards the exit. But before she can leave, Amrit intervenes and requests her to perform first.

Later on, Agastya confronts Imlie about being exposed as a bar singer and warns her that he will make her life miserable from now on. But Imlie confidently states that she is not afraid of any challenges and permits him to do whatever he wants with her life.

Alia is scolded by Armaan for trying to end her life, and he warns her that if she tries again, he will harm himself. He confesses that their marriage is causing him immense stress and he is unhappy. All he wants is to be alive and by Alia’s side. However, if Alia repeats her mistake, he threatens to show her his lifeless face. In return, Alia promises not to act in such a manner again. Together, Aasma and Armaan exit the hotel and are presented with a gift from the management. The manager apologizes for the previous night’s incident and asks Aasma not to file a complaint against them. Aasma assures him that she has no intention of doing so. Nevertheless, they engage in another childish argument once more.


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