May I Come In Madam 26th September 2023 Update Sanju's adventure begins

May I Come In Madam 26th September 2023 Update Sanju’s adventure begins

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May I Come In Madam 26th September 2023 Update Sanju’s adventure begins. Sanju wakes up to thoughts of a romantic encounter with Sanjana, only to be met with questioning from Kashmira. He swiftly comes up with an excuse that convinces her. Feeling grateful for Kashmira’s support against Balu’s accusations, Sanju heads to the office where he imagines Bhupesh as Sanjana and kisses him. However, his behavior earns him a scolding from Chedilal. Undeterred, Sanju sets out to help Sanjana modify her blouse for an upcoming party. Sadly, Sanjana’s plans fall through and she asks Sanju to bring her blouse the following day.

Meanwhile, Kashmira intends to confront Sanju for kissing Bhupesh but is taken aback when she finds him wearing a blouse instead. This surprising sight is captured by Ramvati and Bhupesh in a photo. Sanju, Sanjana, and Chedilal are scheduled to meet. Sanjana is curious about why Sajan kept a secret from her. Perplexed, Sajan inquires for clarification. Sanjana presents a photo of Sanju wearing a blouse and instructs him to wear a saree to the office the following day – much to Sanju’s surprise.

The next day, Sanju arrives at the office dressed in a saree while shielding his face with it. To celebrate their new friendship, Sanjana proposes they have dinner at the office. Though taken aback, Sanju agrees to the idea. Furthermore, Sanjana suggests that he wears red lipstick since she is fond of the color – leaving Sajan confused and staring at her blankly.

About the show, May I Come In Madam is a humorous series that centers on Sajan, a man who is fed up with his overbearing in-laws and the lack of personal space he shares with his wife Kashmira. Seeking solace from this situation, Sajan becomes infatuated with his alluring boss, Sanjana. Keep reading for more.






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