YRKKH New Wedding clash turns Abhira tense

YRKKH New Wedding clash turns Abhira tense

YRKKH New Wedding clash turns Abhira tense. As Ruhi urges Abhimanyu to hold back his tears, she reminds him that it is a joyous occasion and suggests they dance instead. Abhir agrees with her, and they all head off to the dance floor. A song celebrating the happy times plays in the background as Muskaan retreats to her room, closing the door behind her. Frustrated and upset, she gazes at a photo of Abhinav and realizes that their relationship is doomed to fail. However, Abhimanyu reassures her that it’s okay and they don’t have to dance if she doesn’t want to. Akshara chimes in, saying that Muskaan is welcome to join them in dancing if she changes her mind.

Suddenly, they notice Manjiri and Abhir carrying a large board inside. Confused, Abhimanyu asks what it is for, to which Manjiri responds with excitement that it is their wedding invitation card. Akshara adds that the date is already set for next week. Manjiri explains that the pandit has suggested this date and asks everyone for their approval as she plans to start preparations right away. With everyone in agreement, preparations for the wedding begin.


Akshara approaches Muskaan and suggests that she go to the office instead of spending time with her. Muskaan acknowledges this and acknowledges that Akshara’s actions may be perceived as a betrayal of Abhinav’s memory. Akshara explains that life moves on and they must do the same. She reminds Muskaan that she would have urged him to move on if she had shut himself away and cried, as Abhir and Abhinav are the driving force behind his actions. She desires to provide a proper family life for Abhir, something that he believes Abhinav would have wanted as well due to his love for Abhir. Akshara encourages Muskaan to reflect on this idea while Kairav observes their interaction before leaving.

As Abhimanyu and Akshara arrive at the hospital, they are greeted by Rohan. Rohan congratulates them on their marriage decision, suggesting a party to celebrate. Akshara graciously accepts the flowers and assures him that they will keep him updated on any party plans. Abhimanyu quickly moves to protect Akshara’s hand from getting burned by the hot tea. Apologizing, Akshara worries for Abhimanyu’s well-being. He explains that he couldn’t bear to see her get hurt. She feels touched by his caring gesture. Meanwhile, Manjiri arrives to discuss preparations for the wedding. Abhir chimes in with various ideas but Goenkas insists on keeping things simple. Manish agrees that simplicity is key but Abhir suggests inviting some friends. Eventually, Manjiri sends the staff home as they exchange gifts for the wedding.


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