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3 Twists Anupama Malti’s suicide, Dimpy’s pregnancy and more

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3 Twists Anupama Malti’s suicide, Dimpy’s pregnancy and Samar’s death news. Malti solemnly declares that she will not survive and must depart from this place. She emerges from the house, only to be met by the driver who informs her that Anuj has prepared Kheer and Anupama has sent it for her. Overcome with emotion, Malti remarks on her previous actions and resolves to hold onto hope, knowing that her son has made the sweet dish. However, as she remembers Leela’s advice, she ultimately states that she is prepared to meet death. The Shah family has decided to leave for home. Pakhi showers gifts as a gesture of love and appreciation. Dimpy then expresses her desire to share something with everyone.

Leela kindly suggests that she save it for another day, as they are currently celebrating a festival. However, Anupama insists that she breaks the news now. Samar also urges Dimpy to share her news. Kavya and Anupama join in, asking her to reveal what’s on her mind. Excitedly, Dimpy announces that she is pregnant, bringing joy to everyone present. Anupama and Vanraj embrace Dimpy while Samar hugs both of his parents, ecstatic about becoming a father himself. Anupama happily declares herself as the future grandmother while Samar looks forward to being called “Papa.” Samar requests Anupama to prepare halwa, to which she responds with a willingness to prepare any sweet dish her son desires to have.

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He explains that he simply wants to be with Anupama and never be apart from her. After spending some quality time together, the children bond, and Anupama prays for their well-being. Samar expresses his joy and notices the dishes, but unfortunately gets injured when a nail punctures his foot. Anupama gets worried for Samar. Samar is going to die in the upcoming track. Who will save Malti from her suicide move? Will Anuj prove his innocence in Samar’s accident? Keep reading.






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