Anupama 27th September 2023 Written Update Samar’s track

Anupama 27th September 2023 Written Update Samar's track

Anupama 27th September 2023 Written Update Samar’s track. Malti deeply regrets leaving Anuj and she humbly asks for forgiveness. Leela, on the other hand, scolds Malti for abandoning her son. She believes that Anuj deserves a loving mother and prays that he can find it in his heart to forgive Malti. Overcome with emotion, Malti breaks down in tears. Leela then advises Malti to take inspiration from Anupama, who sacrificed her own dreams for the sake of another’s child. Later, Anuj sees Anupama working late at night and asks her about it. She explains that she is designing clothes for children and praises Samar for always supporting her. However, Anuj feels that Samar is different. Together, Anuj and Anupama place the idol of Bappa.

The Shahs join in as they all venerate the deity. Anupama then suggests including Malti in the ceremony as well. Afterward, she gives gifts to her children and embraces Samar. The Kapadias and the Shahs come together for a joyful dance, but things take a scary turn when Samar almost falls on a candle stand. Anupama quickly rushes to save her son and holds him close, feeling fearful for his safety. However, Samar assures her that he is fine and encourages everyone to continue dancing. As their celebration resumes, Anupama sends out prayers for her children’s everlasting happiness. Keep reading for a full written update on Anupama 27th September 2023.


Anupama 27th September 2023 Written Update Samar’s track:

Anupama recounts the saying that life is a straight path, but she believes it’s more of a circle that starts and ends with trouble. This reminds Malti of Leela’s hurtful remarks and she covers her ears in response. Concerned, Anupama checks in with Kinjal to see how Malti is doing and suggests that being alone might make her feel scared. Kinjal reassures her that they have planned for such situations by writing everyone’s numbers in a diary. Anupama expresses her guilt for causing trouble to everyone, to which Kinjal questions what would happen if they were to separate. Meanwhile, Anuj brings Kheer made by him for Malti, and asks if everything is okay.

Deep down, Anupama just wants an old mother like Malti to experience some happiness. Pakhi interrupts their thoughts by announcing a fun game that she and Anu have come up with. While everyone starts playing and laughing, Anupama can’t help but worry about Malti’s well-being. Suddenly, Dimpy receives a phone call that leaves her shocked. Anupama explains about the game and is sure that it will enhance their enjoyment. Malti is still affected by Anuj’s rejection of her as his mother. Pakhi mentions that it is now the turn of bystanders to speak up. Leela explains that she cannot join in the game because she has had too many sweets. Anupama invites Kavya to come sit with them.

Barkha also asks Kavya to take a seat and encourages her to continue with her modeling career after giving birth, but warns her not to make the same mistakes she did. Leela scolds Barkha for giving the wrong advice. She says the baby needs its mother most during its early years. Anupama intervenes, but Barkha continues by saying that fathers also have a role in parenting. Leela clarifies that fathers are responsible for earning money while mothers take care of the child. Kinjal disagrees and argues that both parents are equally responsible for parenting.

Anuj approaches Vanraj, acknowledging that he is still holding onto anger towards Kavya. Anuj points out that despite everything that has happened, Kavya remains in Vanraj’s house, indicating a connection between them that is preventing them from breaking apart. He urges Vanraj to fully embrace this relationship and warns against letting his anger and sadness harm Kavya and their unborn child. Anuj then poses a question – what will happen once the baby is born? Will Vanraj reject the child? Reflecting on his own experience with adopting Anu from an orphanage, Anuj reminds Vanraj that love for a child can make them one’s own.

Anuj advises Vanraj to consider the wellbeing of both the baby and himself. He shares his personal experience of being abandoned by his mother and being fortunate enough to find love and care from adoptive parents. Anuj reminds Vanraj that regardless of the situation, the child deserves both parents’ love. He encourages Vanraj to reflect on the matter and make a decision for his own happiness. Anupama then joins them, hoping that Vanraj will accept the baby wholeheartedly or at least inform Kavya so she can prepare herself for any challenges that may arise. She prays for everything to work out smoothly.


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