Barsatein 27th September 2023 Upcoming Twists

Barsatein 27th September 2023 Upcoming Twists

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Barsatein 27th September 2023 Upcoming Twists. Aradhana can’t help but wonder where her letter could be, as she is still unable to locate it. She assigns blame to Reyansh for all her troubles and when he approaches her, she doesn’t hesitate to scold him and hold him responsible. Kriti proposes that Jai, Reyansh, and Aradhana discuss their past relationships. Aradhana slyly mocks Reyansh’s apparent incapability of loving her, while he subtly hints at her trust issues. Jai and the Khanna sisters are left bewildered by their exchange. Aradhana becomes anxious when she sees Viren giving her letter to Malini.

Despite her decision to read the letter, Viren suggests that she postpone it for later. Shortly after, Reyansh joins them. Aradhana expresses her fear to him and once again accuses him of the current situation. While this is happening, Malini grows concerned as Kimaya is nowhere to be found. She informs Reyansh and Aradhana and together they all search for Kimaya. Reyansh discovers Kimaya on the balcony and encourages her not to frighten others, while also cheering her up. Kriti is taken aback when she realizes Kimaya has developed romantic feelings for Reyansh, prompting her to make the selfless decision to let go of her crush.

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Aradhana and Malini express concern for Kimaya, but she reassures them that she’s doing well and credits Reyansh for giving her strength. This leaves Aradhana at a loss for words. Malini chooses to peruse the letter which causes Aradhana to tense up. Viren asks for permission from Malini to read it as well. Aradhana reprimands Reyansh and then becomes amazed upon hearing Kimaya’s words from the written letter. Shortly after, Kimaya expresses gratitude towards Reyansh for his assistance. As Reyansh hands over her letter to Aradhana, she approaches him. Encouragingly, Malini suggests to Kimaya to open herself up to love once more. Tempers flare between Reyansh and Aradhana during a meeting.






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