Junooniyatt Jahaan dead Ilahi receives shattering news

Junooniyatt Jahaan dead Ilahi receives shattering news

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Junooniyatt Jahaan dead Ilahi receives shattering news. Ilahi offers prayers for Jahaan and fondly remembers their time together. The memories bring tears to her eyes and she expresses to God that her faith will falter if anything were to happen to Jahaan. Meanwhile, Jahaan is undergoing treatment while Jordan seeks solace in alcohol. Jordan recalls how Ilahi despises him and imagines her labeling him a murderer. This infuriates him and he smashes his bottle in anger. Ilahi continues to pray for Jahaan while Amar remarks to Husna that perhaps happiness is not in their destiny. Despite loving Jahaan deeply, Ilahi struggles to come to terms with the reality of the situation.

Later on, Indrajit visits Jordan who breaks down in his arms, feeling unloved by everyone except Jahaan. He blames himself for being undeserving of anyone’s love due to his flawed character. Indrajit reassures him of his love and Jordan confides in him about his love for Ilahi and the traumatic shooting incident where Jahaan selflessly shielded her from harm. Unable to think straight, Jordan asks Indrajit to look after Jahaan as he needs all the support he can get at this difficult time. Mahi speaks to Dolly about her lack of food intake since morning, advising her to eat something. She reassures Dolly that nothing will happen to Jahaan and reveals that she has instigated Dolly against Ilahi.

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According to Mahi, Ilahi was considered a bad influence on their family. Despite Ilahi’s marriage to Jordan after Jahaan’s departure, she still harbored thoughts of reuniting with him upon his return. However, it seems as though she took advantage of Jordan and is now seeking a divorce from him. Mahi expresses disbelief at Jahaan’s unconditional love and accuses Ilahi of manipulating their emotions. She believes that allowing Ilahi back into their lives would put their children at risk. Lastly, Mahi discloses that Ilahi was the one initiating the divorce with Jordan.

Ilahi is determined to reenter Jahan’s life, but her intentions are malicious. She pleads with Dolly to intervene and keep Jahaan safe from her. Despite Dolly’s dismissal, Mahi realizes she must keep Ilahi away from them. Dolly is consumed with worry for Jahaan as Amar comforts her. Ilahi admits she needs to see Jahaan; she feels responsible for his injury and can’t bear the thought of him suffering alone. However, when Ilahi finally sees Jahaan, she notices his condition rapidly deteriorating. A doctor rushes in and delivers emergency treatment, but it’s too late – Jahan doesn’t make it. In a panic, Ilahi screams out in horror when the doctor announces that Jahaan is dead.






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