Kathaa Ankahee Upcoming Katha Viaan’s marriage breaks

Kathaa Ankahee Upcoming Katha Viaan's marriage breaks

Kathaa Ankahee Upcoming Katha Viaan’s marriage breaks. Viaan and Katha discuss their plans. Viaan asks for a photo of Katha in her bridal outfit, but she declines and suggests meeting at the mandap instead. Aarav interrupts their conversation with a phone call. Viaan prepares to see Katha in person. Yuvraj scolds Reet for accusing Katha and Viaan. He refuses to believe her and she begs him to trust her. Yuvraj warns Reet that if she cannot prove her accusations against Katha and Viaan, they will have no relationship. Reet is stunned but vows on Yuhaan’s name. After revealing the CCTV footage of Katha and Viaan’s conversation, she proceeds to manipulate Yuvraj by mentioning how they rejected Katha’s request for help with Aarav’s treatment. As a mother, she sympathizes with Katha’s decision to accept Viaan’s offer as she had no other choice. She also accuses Viaan of potentially blackmailing her. This angers Yuvraj greatly, while Reet conceals her joy. When Aarav informs Katha that he wants to be her best man, she happily agrees. Aarav is overjoyed. At the same time, Yuvraj is seen grieving while looking at Aditya’s photo frame. He remembers the time when Katha had asked for money for Aarav’s treatment and how she saved him from making a wrong decision. This memory leads Yuvraj to convince Kailash to accept Katha and Viaan’s relationship. As Viaan and his family arrive at the wedding venue, Kavita warmly welcomes them.

Meanwhile, Maya pulls Reet aside and asks if Yuvraj will call off the wedding between Katha and Viaan. Reet assures her that Yuvraj will stop the wedding. Just then, Kavita arrives and takes Reet with her to look for Yuvraj. Kavita notices Yuvraj’s distressed state and encourages him to put his emotions aside and focus on his responsibilities. She then excuses herself. Reet approaches Yuvraj and reminds him to let go of past failures and concentrate on saving Katha from someone like Viaan, whom she describes as a monster. Yuvraj listens with determination.


Surprisingly, he finds that Katha is happy, which leaves him puzzled. Despite his confusion, he decides to fulfill his duties as her brother. Meanwhile, Ehsan playfully teases Viaan about his eagerness to meet Katha immediately, causing everyone to laugh. Just as Viaan is about to approach Katha, Yuvraj arrives and they share a hug. However, Yuvraj quickly comes up with an excuse and starts interacting with others. This sudden behavior change confuses Viaan. Kavita urges Yuvraj to bring Katha to the mandap for the wedding ceremony. Aarav eagerly awaits Katha’s grand entry at the wedding. Yuvraj escorts Katha to the mandap, where Kailash joins them and passes her hand to Viaan.

Ehsan declares them as life partners and proceeds to give a heartfelt speech about their love story, which he deems an inspiration for all present. However, Yuvraj appears displeased and declines when asked to speak, retreating inside instead. Kavita and Kailash exchange puzzled glances. As Katha and Viaan complete their pheras around the sacred fire, Reet pleads with Yuvraj to cancel their wedding. To everyone’s surprise, Yuvraj then proceeds to untie the gathbandhan between Katha and Viaan. This shocks the couple.


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