Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Parineetii Junooniyatt

Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Parineetii Junooniyatt

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Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Parineetii Junooniyatt. Akshay has enlisted the help of men to abduct Khushi and frame Ranbir, resulting in Ranbir’s arrest. Despite Akshay’s persistent attempts to shift the blame onto Ranbir, he is determined to locate his daughter with the assistance of another man. Returning from Akshay’s residence, Ranbir happens upon Rana on the road. In a bid to catch up with Rana’s vehicle, Ranbir hops on his bike but is forced to halt as the police search every passing vehicle in pursuit of him. Seizing the opportunity, Ranbir sneaks into the trunk of Rana’s car and is transported directly to Khushi’s whereabouts. With this crucial information, Ranbir immediately contacts Prachi who is left stunned by the turn of events.


Bebe warns Neeti that either one of Pari and Neeti could face death or find happiness in their life. While Neeti is married to Sanju, Parineet’s life may come to an end. As the pooja begins, Victor closely monitors Parineet. Despite the hired goons’ failed attempt to kill her, Neeti becomes increasingly agitated. In a fit of rage, she commands them to ensure Parineet’s demise before she leaves Sanju’s house. Encouraged by Bebe, Neeti starts to resent Parineet and becomes envious of her relationship with Sanju. Finally, Neeti takes matters into her own hands and stabs Parineet with a knife, accusing her of betraying their friendship and stealing Sanju from her.


Ilahi will be notified by the doctor that Jahaan requires an urgent blood transfusion. They are urged to seek out relatives with a matching blood type for donation. Upon recalling that Jordan shares the same blood group as Jahaan, Ilahi immediately rushes to take Jordan to the hospital, causing Jordan to become overwhelmed with anxiety. Jordan tries to commit suicide. Will Ilahi succeed in saving Jordan’s life and taking him to save Jahaan by donating blood in time? Stay tuned.






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