YRKKH 27th September 2023 Written Update Oye Hoye again

YRKKH 27th September 2023 Written Update Oye Hoye again

YRKKH 27th September 2023 Written Update Oye Hoye again. The Goenkas initially wanted a low-key wedding but were taken aback when the Birlas insisted on a lavish affair for Akshara and Abhimanyu. As Abhimanyu struggles to secure a medicated band, Akshara lends him a helping hand. Despite Abhimanyu’s suggestion of a court marriage, Akshara knows that neither family will approve of such a decision. The two families have been butting heads over the scale of weddings – grand or simple. This has caused worry for Akshara’s reputation among the Goenkas. Manjiri, in particular, is upset about it. On the other hand, Abhimanyu prefers a simpler marriage.

However, Manjiri disagrees with his decision. Suhasini decides to have a conversation with Akshara about the matter. Not wanting to pressure her, Manish and Swarna advise Suhasini against it. To ease Manjiri’s concerns, Abhimanyu tries to convince her that he is content with having a low-key wedding with Akshara. Mahima and Shefali also join in trying to persuade Manjiri. Suhasini inquires of Akshara if she is capable of bringing joy to Abhimanyu. As Akshara ponders over Abhimanyu, Suhasini urges her not to reveal that she influenced her decision. In response, Akshara implores God for assistance in fulfilling her commitment to Abhimanyu.


Manjiri and Swarna insist that Akshara create Ganpati’s idol. Later, Abhimanyu joins Akshara for some quality time together and they return to their usual selves. While visiting Akshara, Abhimanyu enters the room through the window, causing her to mistake him for a thief and prepare to confront him. However, she soon realizes it is Abhimanyu and apologizes. This leads to playful banter and a cute little fight between the two. Akshara and Abhimanyu pick up their old liners with Oye Hoye and come close. They show their interest and also their acceptance of their alliance. Keep reading for a full written update on YRKKH 27th September 2023.

YRKKH 27th September 2023 Written Update Oye Hoye again:

Shefali reassures Abhimanyu, expressing her joy and eagerness to witness the love story of Abhira. Abhimanyu shares that Akshara is getting married for Abhir’s sake but Shefali encourages him to ask for her love in return eventually. He gratefully acknowledges all that Akshara has done for him already. The Goenkas arrive and Abhimanyu notices something different about Abhir’s demeanor. Upon further discussion, he learns that Akshara desires a grand wedding. Surprised, Manjiri asks if Akshara changed her decision because of her, to which Swarna reassures her not to worry as everything is going according to plan. Manish also confirms that Akshara willingly agreed to the wedding arrangements, leading to a heartwarming celebration among all of them.

During their video call, Abhimanyu expresses that he is content as long as Akshara is happy. However, she brings up unpleasant memories of his outbursts. He suggests a court marriage, to which she observes that he seems to have changed for the better, and hopes for a brighter future for him and his loved ones. Abhimanyu admits that he does not want to repeat past mistakes. They plan to meet the next day. Muskaan informs Manjiri that she will not be able to join in the celebration as she is still grieving. She shares her concerns about how difficult it is for her to pretend to be happy. Despite Manjiri’s assurance that everyone is delighted with this new relationship, Muskaan points out that their happiness is intact because they have not suffered a loss like she has.

She reprimands Manjiri for expecting them to remain in a state of bliss knowing what happened. However, before Manjiri can respond, she receives an urgent call from Manish regarding the wedding function arrangements. Seizing the opportunity, Manjiri makes a demand – Muskaan must not be involved in Abhimanyu and Akshara’s wedding if there are to be no conflicts. This takes Manish by surprise. Elsewhere, Abhir helps Abhimanyu prepare for his wedding wearing a sherwani while he anxiously waits for Akshara’s arrival.

Manish asks Manjiri to forgive Muskaan. Manjiri says I also request you to keep her away. Swarna says she will not do anything. Manjiri asks her to write it. Manish asks how can we. Manjiri says Muskaan’s anger and pain, I understand it well, so I kept this condition, what will she go through seeing Akshara and Abhimanyu in mandap, she will be hurt, it will be your decision, just think about Abhimanyu, Akshara and Abhir. Manish says everyone will ask about Muskaan. Manjiri says we have to keep Muskaan away for our children’s happiness and good future. Abhimanyu applies a black dot on the mirror first and then to Akshara. They compliment each other.

Suhasini inquires why Manjiri is requesting to keep Muskaan away. Surekha responds that Muskaan’s behavior towards everyone has been deteriorating and Manjiri’s concerns are valid. Swarna then asks about Kairav’s role in all of this – will he support his wife or sister? Kairav, who is listening in, becomes emotional. Meanwhile, Ruhi then asks Aarohi to call Kairav and inquire about his song list for the Sangeet. When Aarohi calls Kairav, he puts up a facade of happiness and speaks with her. She explains that they need a different song list for each couple, prompting him to suggest asking Surekha for the information instead.

He also mentions feeling overwhelmed with work at their office, making it difficult for them to participate in the Sangeet. Abhimanyu asks Kairav if is everything alright. Kairav reassures him, explaining that it’s just work stress and nothing else. Manjiri suspects that Manish might have discussed Muskaan with Kairav. Abhimanyu asks if he is upset with him, stating his desire to not cause anyone any heartache. Kairav responds by saying that no one can have a problem as long as they are happy. Akshara spends time with the family. Just then, Kairav and Muskaan arrive with their luggage. Akshara seems shocked.


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